How to refill HP cartridge?

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How to refill HP cartridge?

The design of the print head of an inkjet printer can be of two types: combined with the cartridge and separate from it. If the head is built into the cartridge, then its cost can reach 30-50% of the cost of the entire printer. It is not surprising that users of such devices try not to change the entire cartridge, but fill it with new ink. How to fill in ink in different models of printers, it is written in the article How to Refill Cartridges. We will focus on HP printers.

What you need to know before refilling the cartridge

Manufacturers receive income from the sale of not only printers, but also components, and especially from consumables. And the income from consumables is almost more than from basic products. Therefore, the developers are trying in every way to uniquely and ink, and print heads, in order to refill printers could be only "native" or, as they say, original ink.

As a result, when refilling the cartridge with non-original ink, at best, poor-quality printing is obtained, at worst, the head fails, and you have to buy a new cartridge.

If after you have refilled the cartridge, the print is pale or vice versa, the sheet is smeared with black, which means you have come across inappropriate ink. In this case, it is best to pour out the refilled ink, wash the cartridge with a special liquid, purge the head and find the original ink. Maybe the cartridge also serves.

But it often happens that after the “non-native” ink the head generally fails, and you have to buy a new cartridge. Therefore, think carefully about whom to entrust refilling or how to do everything yourself, where and what ink to buy, so as not to destroy the cartridge untimely.

Original ink cartridge can be refilled 5-7 times, and even 10, if you're lucky.

How to refill HP printer cartridge

The basic principles of refilling inkjet printers are described in the article How to Refill an Inkjet Cartridge. We will provide step-by-step instructions on how to refill HP printer cartridges.

The volume of the reservoir of the cartridge is designed for a certain number of sheets. Therefore, when the printer prints this quantity, it will display the message “The ink is running out. Change the cartridge "or something similar. After that, the printer refuses to work, even if the ink is still there.

For the printer to start working again, you need to reset the counter. How to do this is described in the article How to reset the chip? | Zeroing cartridges Hewlett Packard. We will proceed directly to the refilling of the cartridge.

Step-by-step instructions for refilling the cartridge

For work you will need:

  • ink, preferably original;
  • syringes with the most fine needles in an amount corresponding to the number of colors;
  • napkins;
  • washing liquid CL04 or CL06;
  • oilcloth or cellophane.

Cartridge refilling is a rather dirty business, so you need to protect your environment from leaks as much as possible. You can wear medical gloves on your hands, but this is not necessary.

  1. Cover the desktop with oilcloth or cellophane. Spread the napkin on top.
  2. Dampen another wipe with cleaning fluid and gently wipe the plate on the print head where the holes are located.
  3. Remove the cartridge, put it on the cloth with the head down.
  4. You will see a sticker on the top of the cartridge. Carefully remove it, set aside. Do not lose! Open holesHP cartridge.
  5. Fill the syringe with the desired color of ink, put a filling (thin) needle on it. Usually on the cartridge indicated volume of cylinders.Draw into the syringe no more, or better a little less than the specified volume, because there may still be ink in the bottle.
  6. Insert the needle into the hole of the cartridge deeper, slowly inject ink into it until it appears from the holes in the head. Do not confuse where what color to fill. If there is only one hole in a black and white printer, there are 4 of them in color. If you fill the ink in the wrong container, the color will be mixed, and the printer will print something completely incomprehensible.
  7. Wipe the fill hole so that ink does not mix with the new color.
  8. Take a syringe with a different color, repeat the last three operations. If you use one syringe and needle, always flush the syringe and needle with distilled water before refilling them with another color.
  9. After filling all the tanks, seal the holes with a sticker removed from them.
  10. Pierce the adhesive tape over the filling holes with a needle, otherwise the ink will not leak.
  11. Install the cartridge with the head in place, cycle the test as indicated in the instructions for the printer.

To make it clearer, watch the video on how to refill the HP cartridge yourself.

Owners of printers should remember that the head of a long-standing out printer dries out and fails. Therefore, at least once a week, print something of the least sought after color.

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