How to reduce the size of a photo in a graphic editor

Photos taken with a digital camera, always have a fairly large size. For printing, these images fit very well. But sometimes still for some reason you want to reduce the width and height of the photo. For example, in order to post it on the Internet or send it by e-mail. This is done with the help of graphic editors. So, how to reduce the size of the photo?

What is the best photo size to choose?

The photos originally made with a digital camera are between 1000 and 3000 pixels wide. In order for the image to look quite decent on the pages of a website on the Internet, 400-800 pixels will be enough. Avatars can have sizes from 80 to 120 pixels. For sending by e-mail, they usually choose the same width as for publication in the network - 400-800 pixels.

How to edit a photo in Paint

Graphic editor Paint is available on almost every home computer.With this program you can very easily resize absolutely any image. In order to open the program, click on the “Start” menu and select “All Programs”. Paint is in the "Standard" folder. Run the program and open the photo in it (the Paint menu - “Open”). At the bottom of the working window of the program shows the size of the image in pixels.

how to reduce photo size

You can change the size of a photo by changing its width or height. The second parameter will decrease automatically as the first decreases. On the toolbar, in the “Image” tab, click on the “Resize and Tilt” icon (two small squares). In the opened window, select the required number of pixels in the “Horizontal” or “Vertical” lines. At the same time opposite the line "Save proportions" must remain a tick. After that click on Ok. That's all. New photo size in pixels can also be seen on the bottom toolbar. Save the photo (menu Paint - "Save As"). Now you can put it in the network or send by mail. Thus, it is possible to change the size of not only digital photos, but also various kinds of vector drawings, which usually also have considerable width and height, or screenshots.

resize photo

How to resize an image in Photoshop editor

Now let's see how to reduce the size of a photo in the popular Photoshop editor. Open the image: “File” - “Open”. Now click on the upper frame of the canvas with a photo of the RMB. In the drop-down menu, select the line "Image size". In the window that appears, put the required number of pixels in the rows "Height" or "Width". Just like in Paint, you should leave a tick in front of the “Keep proportions” line. Otherwise, if you change, say, the height, the width will remain unchanged, as a result of which the photo will be distorted. Save the file: "File" - "Save As".

how to edit photo

Crop photos in the program "Photoshop"

You can resize an image by deleting parts that are not too significant. To crop a photo is very convenient using the same Photoshop editor. Open the image: File - Open. Take the Croop Tool. We frame the part of the photo you want to leave. The unnecessary areas to be removed will change their color to darker. Click on Enter. We get a cropped photo. Save it: File - Save as.

photo reduction in photoshop

Reducing photos in ACDSee

How to reduce the size of the photo in another popular editor - ACDSee? Using this program to make the necessary changes can also be very simple. Open the image in the editor and go to the menu "Scale" on the top panel.Select the bottom line of the menu that appears - “Actual size”.

Now go to the "Edit" menu (also on the top panel) and click on the "Resize" line. After that, a window will open in which in the “Height” or “Width” line you will need to change the number of pixels to the required.

Change the quality of the photo

How to reduce the size of a photo without changing its width and height? This is also not very difficult. By changing the quality of the photo, you can simply reduce the size of the file itself. How to do this, consider the example of the editor FastStone Image. We open in the program the image requiring correction: File - Open. We place the cursor on it and press the RMB. In the pop-up context menu, select the line Save as. A dialog box appears in which you will need to click on the Options button. In the next window, by interleaving the Quality engine, we reduce the quality of the photo. All changes that occur to it in this case will be reflected on the top, where you can also compare the quality of the original image and the resulting one. It also reflects the change in the volume of the photo. With the help of FastStone Image, you can reduce the size of a graphic file several times. However, of course, the photo will not look so impressive.

You can also change the image quality in the "Photoshop" editor. To do this, open the photo in the program: File - Open. Next, save it in the same Jpeg format (File - Save as). In the appeared window in the Quality row, select the required quality - Low (low), Medium (medium), High (high) or Maximum (maximum). You can make changes by moving the slider, located just below. Next, click on the Ok button.

change the quality of the saved photo

It is worth knowing that all edited photos will subsequently be saved in the same quality. In order to make them more spectacular, it will have to be manually modified again. When saving, it is best to keep the same Jpeg format, as it is not distinguished by too much weight. Also, graphic files with the Gif or Png extension are not too large.

As you can see, changing the image using modern graphic editors is simple. This is perhaps the easiest type of image editing. You can change it in this way, even without acquiring and downloading any programs that are complex in functionality, by opening the standard editor of the most popular OS Paint.

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