How to recover the PTS in case of its loss?

The question of how to restore the TCP in the event of its damage or loss is of interest to many people. In the article you will find a detailed answer to this vital question.

How to recover PTS

How to recover the PTS?

If you have stolen a PTS or you lost itthemselves, torn, or just inadvertently washed, you will have to get a new one, as this is an important and necessary document for carrying out registration activities with your car. It is quite easy to restore this document, but it will take a certain amount of time.

Lost the PTS? We learn what needs to be done to restore it

First, you need to know the schedule of the maindistrict MREO, where you are traveling on the car for which the PTS was lost. At itself it is necessary to have certain documents: a MTPL policy, a personal passport, then a certificate of auto registration. In the event that you are not the owner of this car, and act on the basis of a power of attorney, then you will need it in several copies. After this, it is necessary to drive the vehicle into the MREO to the observation deck and enter the building.

Lost the PTS

How to recover a PTS if it is stolen?

If you wrote a statement about the theft of thisdocument, in this case you will need a certificate of full closure of the criminal case, which was initiated after the theft of the PTA, to attach it to a personal passport. But most people, in order to avoid unnecessary problems, do not write about stealing the document at all, so as not to start a criminal case. In this statement, they indicate that the passport on the car was simply lost under unknown circumstances.

How to restore PTS: step by step instructions

  1. On a sheet of paper you need to writeexplanation to the name of the chief of this IER: "To the Chief of the MREO ...... Explanation. I hereby inform you that the vehicle was lost from the car (model, brand, registration state mark) ... then indicate the circumstances of the loss .... In case of its discovery, I undertake to return it to MREO .... Then the date. Passport and signature data. "
  2. Fill in the application form that you takedirectly in MREO. In the paragraph "I ask ..." statements indicate: "I ask you to give me a duplicate of the document on the car in return for the lost." In the other columns personal data from the passport and from the registration certificate are indicated.
  3. You pay receipts of the state duty for the implementationregistration actions (300 rubles for a new certificate of registration, 500 rubles for a new vehicle), then you are interested in whether it is necessary to inspect the car. As a rule, it is not necessary. But if you need it, then you return to the site to the car, where you are waiting for the inspector.

Loss of PTS

Loss of PTS: what to do next?

In the event that a vehicle inspection is requiredmeans, you open the hood and wipe the body number from dust, then wait for the MREO employee. The results of the inspection carried out by the state inspector are entered in the application, in the section "Service marks of the State Automobile Inspector", under which he signs. After that you can close the hood, drive the car out of the parking lot and go back to MREO, where you hand over all the documents to the 1st window ("Documents Reception"), then wait from 1 hour to several weeks. The state inspector will specify when you come up and pick up a new vehicle and certificate of car registration, while on the passport there will be a mark - "Duplicate". In case of refusal of the state inspector to issue a new TCP, you need to write a statement to the higher authorities with the indication of the reason for the refusal. Make sure that the application has been accepted, then wait for the answer.

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