How to read signs?

January 12, 2015
How to read signs?

Belief in signs of fate and omens, perhaps, is more ancient than humanity itself, because in the primitive world, surely, they looked at and listened to these signs. Where a black cat will run, where a raven croaks, predicting misfortune - all this is in every nation’s blood, much deeper than later religious teachings. How to read the signs of fate, as it were sent to us to prevent unwanted, we will tell in this material.

Not only psychics

To foresee the danger, it is not necessary to be a psychic and have a remarkable energy. Under certain conditions, most ordinary people can see the signals, as if sent from above. Every person can foresee danger. To do this, you only need to correctly read the signs that the Universe sends us. But to recognize them is very difficult. Here are some tips: how to read the signs of fate.


  • In order to learn how to read them, you need to know how these signs appear: events, situations, signs.
  • Most often - this is the so-called inner voice. It is necessary to listen to him as carefully as possible.Hint may come gradually, unnoticed. It will help you make the right decision and avoid a crisis situation.
  • Pay attention to your emotions. Fear, joy, longing, tears - if this condition arose unexpectedly for you, then this is a sign warning against committing an action that could bring destructive consequences in your destiny.
  • Pay attention to external events and phenomena. Various things can tell the way of your further behavior: being late for a train, lightning, a sudden loss of keys to an apartment, falling for no reason at all. Another - a crow, croaked on a branch in front of your house, a black cat, ran out right under your feet.
  • Sometimes it happens that the signs themselves are pushing you to action. It remains only to trust the intuition, listen. In this way, you can avoid trouble and catch luck.

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