How to read deleted messages?

A lot of people daily use social networks: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and others. There are situations when you need to recover a deleted message. Is it possible to do this? After reading the article, you will learn how to read deleted messages in different social networks.


Deleted messages in the Odnoklassniki social network user account can be viewed by clicking on the button “Show previous 30 messages”. Even if the messages have been deleted, they can be read. In order for them to disappear again, you need to exit the user through the "Exit" button. But there is a time frame here - it will be possible to read deleted messages in Odnoklassniki only in the last three to five days, but no more. The remaining deleted messages can not be recovered.


It is worth noting that if you delete messages by pressing the “Delete Conversation” button, the messages will be permanently deleted without the possibility of recovery.

But if the messages were deleted by pressing the “X” button, then all is not lost,and we will tell you how to read deleted messages in this case.

Follow the instructions:

  1. Open Facebook page.
  2. Click the "Messages" button and select "View all".
  3. Find the string "More" in the list "Inbox", "Other". Click on this item, select "Archive" in the menu.
  4. Here we can view all our messages.

The instruction works because the “X” button does not work as deletion, but as sending messages to the archive. After visiting the "Archive" all messages will be shown again in the network.

In contact with

You can recover messages deleted by VKontakte in the following ways:

  • First of all, you can ask your interlocutor to copy and send you your correspondence, if it has not been deleted from him either.
  • You can restore the recording on the wall using the “Restore” button, but after updating the page, the button disappears and the recording cannot be restored.
  • Also, if you have an alert function in your page settings, you can view these messages there, but only incoming ones.
  • Take advantage of support services.
  • Use special programs for message recovery, for example, VkBot and Vkontrole Message 1.0.

Request form to Vkontakte support service

  1. Go down the page and find the link "Help". Go over it.
  2. In the window that appears, enter the query of the problem - they say, and so, by chance, important messages were deleted.
  3. We send the form.
  4. From time to time we check our email, because the answer to your request will come exactly there.

The request can be processed for about two days, since many users of the social network turn to such questions. As soon as the manager sees your request, he will try to help in solving the problem.

Message Recovery with VkBot

When downloading the program, be careful not to carry the virus into the device. Unfortunately, the program does not guarantee full restoration of dialogs, especially if the messages have been deleted for a long time, but still you may be lucky.

The program has a simple version and the so-called version of "pro", for the use of which you will need to pay 400 rubles. The simple version is free. The expanded version assumes more functions - this is the reason for payment.

So, follow the instructions for recovering messages using this program:

  1. .
  2. We install the program in any convenient place on our computer.
  3. We are waiting for the installation of the program and run it.
  4. We pass authorization. To do this, enter the login (email) and password from the VK page.
  5. Click "Login".
  6. A small oblong panel opens with the functions available to us.
  7. Select Profile - Restore - Recently deleted messages.
  8. Enter the desired interval and click "Restore".

The program recovers messages within an hour. Do not panic when immediately after the procedure it is found that the utility did not work. Need a little patience.

By the way, just in case, after this, your VK password should be changed.

Message Recovery with Vkontrole Message 1.0

  1. .
  2. Install the Vkontrole Message 1.0 utility on the computer.
  3. Run it from the desktop.
  4. If the program asks to enter a mobile number, it is not scary - just a procedure for checking.
  5. We enter our login, password and range of messages to be restored.
  6. Click "Start". In the Log window, we see how the program works, gradually recovering the selected range of deleted messages. We will see the following line:
    • 1 - ok
    • 2 - ok
    • 3 - ok
    • 4 - ok
    • ...STOP
  7. After the program finishes recovering messages and we see the word “Stop”, go to our VKontakte profile.
  8. Click the "My Messages" button and see all the recovered dialogs and messages.

Little about security

The Internet offers many services that allow you to return deleted messages. Do not trust each such service. If you are required to send your personal data to enter the social network or send sms, it is better not to do this, because it can be ordinary scammers - they will write money from your account, use your login and password to break, and you will not receive anything in return.

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