How to pump up your hands at home?

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How to pump up your hands at home?

Having a pair of dumbbells in your home arsenal (if one is not a problem), a weight or a barbell, you can do fairly high-quality workouts with your hands without visiting the gym.

The muscles of the arms, or rather the shoulder muscles, are represented by the biceps of the shoulder, the biceps, and the triceps, by the triceps. Because the main emphasis will be made on these two muscles.

How to pump your biceps at home

This muscle is involved in flexing the arms in the elbow joint and turning the forearms to the outside (supination), so you should perform exercises with flexion of the arms.

Lifting the barbell standing on the biceps

This exercise is basic.

  1. Starting position - legs shoulder-width apart (or slightly narrower), you can slightly bend your knees, the spine is straightened, the grip of the bar is slightly wider than the waist. By varying the width of the grip, it is possible to load the biceps heads in different ways, but there is no great need for this if there are no plans for bodybuilding.
  2. When inhaling, the bar is lifted to the chest.Having fixed the elbows and having reached the peak contraction, it is useful to stay in this position for 1 second.
  3. Back - on the exhale - it is important not to drop the barbell, but to lower it smoothly, under control. Until the end, do not slightly extend the arm so that the biceps during the whole exercise is energized.

The number of repetitions and approaches is an individual matter. Someone muscles grow from large weights with a small number of repetitions, someone from a large number of approaches with a large number of repetitions. You have to experiment to understand what suits you best. Definitely, if only you start your workouts, do not chase after large weights and a large number of repetitions. Quality is important, not quantity.

If there is no barbell, you can do the same with dumbbells, adding also supine brush. In the initial position, the arms with the dumbbells are turned towards the body, and in the middle of the movement, the arms turn to the outside (supination), until parallel with the floor. When lowering the dumbbells to the initial position, a reverse turn occurs.

Exercise with dumbbells "hammer"

  1. Starting position - legs shoulder-width apart (or slightly narrower), knees slightly bent, spine straight, grip of dumbbells - towards the body.
  2. When inhaling, lifting dumbbells is similar to the previous exercise, but without turning the hands, the brush always “looks” at the body.

It is better to perform this exercise either at the end of the biceps workout, or after performing basic exercises.

Concentrated biceps lift

  1. Starting position - sitting on a chair (bench, couch). A hand with a dumbbell rests on the elbow and triceps on the inner surface of the thigh (elbow movement is excluded), the second hand rests on the free leg.
  2. Perform dumbbell lifts first with one hand, then repeat the same with the other.
  3. When moving up it is also useful to linger for a second during peak contraction. When unbending, leave the arm slightly unbent for constant biceps tension.

How to pump up the triceps

This muscle is involved in the extension of the arm in the elbow joint.

Push-ups with narrow arms

Take an emphasis lying, palms are located under the chest, fingers pointing towards each other. While inhaling, lowering the body, while exhaling, rise until the arm is fully extended, with an additional contraction at the top.

Reverse pushups

To perform this exercise you need 2 benches (or other furniture of the same height). We sit on one bench facing the second.Near the hips, we rest our hands on the seat and throw our feet on the second bench. From the starting position (arms fully extended), we do push-ups until the muscle is stretched to the maximum. During the reverse movement at the end it is additionally necessary to shorten the triceps.

Dumbbell bench press

  1. Starting position - sitting vertically on a chair, lift the dumbbell behind the pancake with both hands above your head.
  2. While inhaling, lower the dumbbell behind the head until the triceps is stretched, move your elbows to the side (approximately 45 degrees). On the exhale, fully straighten the arms above the head and further reduce the triceps.
  3. In the process of performing each of the repetitions to avoid movement in the shoulders, hands should be fixed.

If the weight of the dumbbell is small, you can do the extension with one hand. Standard grip is necessary to raise the arm above the head and on the inhale bend at the elbow to the back of the head to the maximum stretch of the triceps. On the exhale, you need to completely straighten the arm and cut the triceps. To avoid unnecessary movements, you can clasp your working hand behind your head with your second hand.

Perform these exercises once a week, varying the technique and sequence, the duration of repetitions and rest, and the result will not keep you waiting.

We looked at how to pump up your hands at home.Of course, to achieve impressive results it is necessary to produce more dense and exhausting workouts.

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