How to pump up the pectoral muscles?

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How to pump up the pectoral muscles?

Men rocking the pectoral muscles, because they are confident that the representatives of the opposite sex like elastic male breasts, as a symbol of the fact that he can defensively defend his beloved. Women shake the pectoral muscles to shape the breast, make it more elastic and taut. The following guidelines for pumping the pectoral muscles are suitable for both men and women.

Swing your pectoral muscles: tips and exercises

You think how to pump up the pectoral muscles quickly at home? First of all, you will help push-ups with weights. But when you can easily push out more than 20-25 times for 1 visit, you should increase the load. Take 2 visits with breaks of five minutes. Tightening will also be beneficial for the pectoral muscles. But actually pumping up the chest quickly is quite difficult, like other muscles. All beauty requires a lot of effort and time.

Inflate the pectoral muscles: push-ups on the bars

Pushing up on the uneven bars is considered a basic exercise for the pectoral muscles.Starting position - on straight arms with a neutral grip (palm to yourself) between parallel bars. Inhale and slowly bend your elbows, dropping down. Triceps swing so well, and we will focus on the chest ... To do this, we bow our head to the chest, bend our knees and, when we lower, we will spread our elbows to the sides. Thus, a person will pump the lower and outer parts of the chest. Eliminate jerks, act very smoothly. Perform this exercise and swing the chest muscles should be 2 times a week.

How to pump up the pectoral muscles with dumbbells

Exercises with dumbbells - a great way to pump up the pectoral muscles at home, because it does not require special sports equipment, which can be available to us only in the hall.

So let's get started. In order to pump up the pectoral muscles, we will spread our arms with dumbbells. It is necessary to perform this exercise, lying on a horizontal bench. Starting position - arms stretched straight with dumbbells are raised above you, while palms are turned towards each other. The essence of the exercise is that a person spreads his arms with dumbbells to the sides to a level just below the bench.And then follows the same arc to raise your hands smoothly. Thus the upper and outer part of the chest swings.

Bench press lying

Bench press lying is considered a universal exercise for the pectoral muscles. Starting position - lying on a bench, pressing his head, shoulders and buttocks to the surface, but bending his back; legs are on the floor. The assistant must give the bar, or it must be on special stops. The neck should be taken with arms wider than its shoulders, and palms turned up. Squeeze the barbell up so that the arms are fully extended and the barbell is approximately at the level of the middle of the chest. While inhaling, the person slowly lowers the barbell to the chest, quite easily touching the barbell of his chest. It is worth holding your breath a little and then squeezing the barbell at a calm pace. Thus, both the internal muscles of the breast and the superficial ones are pumped through.

How to pump up the pectoral muscles girl

All previous exercises, of course, were suitable for the girls too. But there are special rules that will help an inexperienced girl to swing her breasts safely for her health. It would also be useful to watch a video on how to pump up the pectoral muscles.

  • Girls should not pump their pectoral muscles for two days in a row. It is necessary to take a break in 3-4 days.
  • Before training the muscles, women, as well as men, need to carry out an active warm-up and stretch the muscles for at least 10 minutes. It is also necessary to stretch between sets to avoid injuries and not to pull muscles.
  • If you shake your chest on the simulator, be sure to ask the coach to show how to do the exercise correctly. Improper exercise does not give the desired result and may be unsafe.

One of the tips was about stretching the pectoral muscles. How to do it? Go to the rack. Pull one hand to the side and grab her stand, and slowly bend the body in the opposite direction. The main thing is not to hurt. Then stretch the muscles on the other side.

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