How to pump racks?

The need to pump the strut of the shock absorber before their direct installation is usually due to the fact that there is an air layer in the internal shock absorber sleeve, and because of this, the shock absorber will not function properly. Especially if it happens during transportation. And this can lead to such faults in the shock absorber, such as noises or knocks while the car is in motion, and as a result, the entire piston system of the shock absorber can fail. When deciding how to pump racks before installation, you should turn to the technology of pumping double-tube cartridges or strut struts. In addition, pumping of the struts of the shock absorber before installing them will make it possible to identify whether there are cases of jamming in the valve mechanism or other faults. Even in completely new mechanisms. It is important to remember that when pumping the struts of the shock absorber, a slight failure of the resistance of the valve mechanism, or the difference in the speeds of the output of the rod is not a malfunction and cause for panic. This is especially true of gas-oil shock absorbers.

Bleed rack struts

Before pumping a new stand, you need to set it up with the rod and smoothly without jerking, squeeze until the working surface of the rod is at the level of the top of the glass, reaching 2-3 cm.

  • For 2-3 seconds, lock the damper rod in this position.
  • Smoothly and slowly pull the shock absorber rod to its decompressed state. This is the easiest way to pump the strut itself. This process must be repeated 2 or 3 times.
  • After, you need to do a control procedure. The shock absorber must be held in a vertical position, holding the rod up. It is necessary to make sharp short movements with the rod, while it is better that it moves smoothly, without obvious dips.
  • After this procedure, pumping the struts of the shock absorber, it will be brought into working condition, and you can replace the shock absorber. In addition, it is the ways of how to properly pump the racks that can, before installation, allow you to detect valve mechanism jamming or other faults, even a completely new mechanism.
  • The technology of pumping the rack of other types of shock absorbers is done in an appropriate way. It is necessary to turn the shock absorber down the rod and squeeze a smooth movement without jerks.
  • In this position, the damper rod should be fixed for 2-3 seconds.
  • After that, you need to turn the shock absorber rod up, at the same time fix the shock absorber in this position for 4-6 seconds, without releasing the rod.
  • It is necessary to smoothly push the rod to the limit of its stroke and repeat this algorithm 2-3 times.
  • You need to complete a health check. The shock absorber must be kept in a vertical position with the rod up. It is necessary to make sharp short movements with the rod, while its movements should be smooth, without obvious failures.
  • After you carry out the control procedure for pumping the struts of the shock absorber, it is better to fix it in the up position with the rod until it is installed in its place in the car.

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