How to pump ABS brakes on a car?

Probably, each of the car enthusiasts at least oncefelt helpless during braking. And when the car continues to move completely in the wrong direction, there is a risk of skidding, and as a consequence - a traffic to pump brakes from abs With the development of technology, many companies have learnedprevent similar incidents. Now almost all the cars of the world market, starting with the basic equipment, are equipped with an anti-lock braking system ABS wheels. And today we will consider the issue of how to pump ABS brakes with our own hands.

Brief characteristics of ABS

To begin with - briefly about the most anti-slipsystem. In general, ABS is a system that performs the function of preventing wheel locking during sudden / emergency braking of a vehicle. The main task of ABS is to adjust the speed of rotation of disks. And this adjustment is due to the distribution of pressure in the braking system. A separate signal (electric impulse) is sent from each sensor to the system control unit, which in turn decides whether to slow down a specific wheel at the moment the vehicle is moving. This system is very useful in the winter period when the contact patch with the roadway is significantly reduced. In this case, the risk of skidding of the vehicle decreases significantly, while the car without ABS is subject to drifts even on dry asphalt in the summer.

ABS device

The construction of the anti-lock system of the wheels of the car assumes the presence of the following parts and elements:

  1. Speed, acceleration / deceleration sensor.
  2. Control valve. This element is located in the brake system line. The control valve is a component of the pressure module.
  3. Anti-lock ECU. The main task of the electronic control unit of the ABS system is to obtain signals from the above sensors and control the operation of the valves.

How to bleed ABS brakes? Features of pumping

To begin with, we note that this operation requirescertain technical skills and knowledge. Therefore before work it is better to study in detail a manual on service of brake system of your vehicle.

What is the feature of bleeding the brakes with anti-lock braking system?

In cars with a hydraulic valve unit,the hydraulic accumulator and the pump are located in one unit, the fluid is replaced and the system is pumped in the same way as on machines without ABS. However, before releasing the ABS brakes, it is necessary to disconnect the appropriate to pump the brakes with abs on Toyota

The process itself is as follows. Bleeding of the brakes is done with the brake pedal depressed, and the RTC fitting must be turned away. Next, turn on the ignition and wait for the pump to expel all the air formed earlier in the system. After this, the union is twisted, and the brake pedal is released. If everything was done correctly, then the inscription on the dashboard in the passenger compartment will indicate the faults of the anti-lock system of the to pump brakes from abs to Volkswagen

And how to pump the brakes with ABS, if in the carthe hydraulic module with valves and the accumulator are located on separate units? Here we will need a special diagnostic scanner. It will read information from the ABS electronic control unit. If you do not have such a device, then it is best to pump the brakes on a specialized service station. The same applies to cars with ESP and SBC systems - these machines can only be repaired in a workshop.

How to bleed ABS brakes?

On the "Toyota" and many other foreign carsproduction algorithm for these works is almost the same. Therefore, the instructions given below can be applied to any modern car (even for domestic VAZs).how to pump brakes with abs on Honda

So, what needs to be done? To begin with, we note that the pressure in the brake system of a passenger car reaches a level of 180 atmospheres. Therefore, in order to avoid the ejection of liquid, it is necessary to do a discharge of the pressure accumulator. Only after this, it is possible to start disengaging the brake lines. To do this, you need to press the brake pedal about 20 to pump the brakes with abs on the viburnum

The very same pumping is performed with an assistant. Therefore, beforehand invite a friend or neighbor to the garage before performing such an operation. How to pump ABS brakes on the "Kalina" and "Priora"? First of all, turn off the ignition and detach the connectors on the brake fluid reservoir. After that, proceed to bleeding the front wheels. To do this, put the hose on the bleeder, open it one turn and squeeze the pedal to the stop. It should be kept in this state for a few seconds (until all the air has left the system). Then you can safely twist the union and release the pedal. Everything, the front brakes are already ready for us.

Rear wheels

A more difficult task will be with the rear. Here you need to pump each wheel separately. And we will start with the back right. As in the first case, first we make a hose on the union and unscrew it for a turn. Next, the assistant presses the pedal to the stop and turns the ignition to position "2". Note! The brake pedal is released only after the operating pump expels all air from the system. And as soon as the liquid starts to come out without bubbles, block the nipple and release the brake pedal.

The rear left wheel is pumped almost in this waythe same principle, but here there are some nuances. How to bleed ABS brakes? On the "Volkswagen Passat" and other foreign-made cars need to put on the union and unscrew it for one turn. Further, without pressing a brake pedal, we wait for the moment when the pump will deduce zavozdushennuju a liquid from system. After that, the assistant presses the pedal halfway and you wrap the union. Everything, at this stage you can finish the work. Everything is assembled in reverse order - the ignition key is set to zero and connectors are connected to the brake fluid reservoir. Also experts recommend additionally to check the tightness of the system.

how to pump the brakes with abs on priors

The final stage

After all these operations it is necessary to top up the brake fluid in the tank to the normal level and check all connections and connectors for leaks. Remember that they should not allow liquid to pass through.

Helpful Tips

How to bleed ABS brakes on the "Priora", "Kalina"and "Honda Civic" is correct? To work does not harm your car, and you did not have to drive it to a car service, you should remember a few rules. First, do not turn on the ignition for more than 15-20 seconds. Otherwise it will lead to failure of the electric pump. Secondly, you need to make breaks between pumping the wheels. After all the air from the same wheel (the blown mixture), one should not immediately move to the second one. We need to wait about 5-10 minutes - until the air disappears completely in the system.

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