How to properly do prayer, so as not to anger Allah?

How many religions in the world are so many, respectively, andGods, rituals and religious books. Orthodox and Catholics, in order to appeal to God, go to church, put candles, listen to church services and pass many other rituals. Muslims treat this much easier: they do not have intermediaries between God and people. If a person wants to turn to God, he can do it directly, having read a prayer, but he should not go to church either. One of the Muslim religious rites is five times daily prayer - prayer. About how to properly do prayer, so as not to fall out of favor with Allah, we will now make a speech.

Features of the ceremony

How to properly do namazMuslims are given great importance by the dailyfivefold prayer. The main prayer is strictly time, wherever a person is, whatever he does, at a certain time he throws everything and rises his thoughts to Allah. An important role in how to properly do namaz, plays the direction of the worshiper. Be sure the body and look of a person should be directed in the direction of the Kaaba - the Sacred Mosque in Mecca. Even if the Muslim is far from the country or, in general, on another continent, his gaze is directed toward the Sacred Black Stone with the help of some landmarks. Another feature of this ritual is the difference in the performance of prayer between men and women. About how to properly do namaz to women, it will go a little later.

Performing a Rite

How to learn to read namazAs mentioned earlier, a person needsbe in the direction of the Kaaba, preferably in a quiet place, to concentrate on prayer. It is important that in this case the shoulders and the body part from the waist to the knees are covered. Depending on what kind of prayer it is, the person pronounces its name, then raises the arms bent at the elbows to the sky at the level of the ears and at the same time utters "Allahu Akbar". Having expressed glory to Allah, the praying man folds his hands on his chest, the right one covers the left one and pronounces a prayer. It's not necessary to tell it loudly, it's important to move your lips, concentrate and whisper. Then the Muslim says the very text of the prayer, which he knows by heart. All prayers are taken from the chapters of the Qur'an, so the problem with how to learn to read namaz is solved quite simply. You choose the necessary chapter from the Koran and read the text, it is important to learn how to correctly pronounce vowels, slightly tightening them. After this stage, the person bends down in the girdle (with a straight back) and utters words of praise to Allah. An important stage in how to properly do namaz is the following earthly bow: a man first touches the ground with his fingers, then with his knees, forehead and nose. The words of praise are pronounced in this position, besides, the elbows should not touch the ground, and the toes rest on the floor.

Performing prayer in women

How to do namaz to womenIn general, the procedure of prayer for women is not strongdiffers from the male. A special feature of how to make namaz to women is clothing, since only the hands and the face can be opened. Also, during the execution of the waist bend, the woman bends over, holding her back evenly, but not as much as the man. After the earthly bow, the woman sits on her left foot, directing both feet to the right side.

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How to properly do prayer, so as not to anger Allah How to properly do prayer, so as not to anger Allah How to properly do prayer, so as not to anger Allah How to properly do prayer, so as not to anger Allah How to properly do prayer, so as not to anger Allah How to properly do prayer, so as not to anger Allah