How to prepare for conception?

Almost every young couple wants to give birth to a healthy and beautiful child. But you should know that preparation for pregnancy should begin long before conception, and not only the expectant mother, but also the father should prepare for it. Here are some useful tips on how to prepare for conception, so that the pregnancy goes smoothly, and the baby is born healthy.

For future mothers

It is known that thoughts are material, therefore already from the moment when you decided to conceive a child, it is necessary to think only about pleasant and good things. It is useful for the future mother to imagine her future baby healthy and strong. This creates a positive biofield.

Pay attention to the conditions in which you work. Severe physical exertion or frequent psycho-emotional stress may in the future adversely affect the course of pregnancy and the well-being of a woman. Work with pesticides, work in conditions of high levels of radiation entails infertility and genetic disorders in the development of the fetus.

It is obligatory to regularly visit a gynecologist. Many doctors are convinced that the best age of a woman for pregnancy and childbirth is from 18 to 30 years. If the age goes beyond this, then the risk of the development of fetal pathology increases.

Bad habits

If you are seriously thinking about how to prepare for conceiving a child, then start by reviewing your habits. In the first place is the rejection of the use of coffee and nicotine. Smoking leads to difficulties in the process of fertilization and carrying a healthy child. Also requires a complete rejection of alcohol. The nutrition of future parents should be balanced, include poultry, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables.

A prerequisite is to bring a woman back to normal weight. It is better to do this about six months before the planned conception. During preparation for pregnancy, learn to determine the onset of ovulation to determine a favorable time for conception.

Future dads

A man should begin his preparation for such an important event in his life no later than three months before the beginning of the planned conception.During this time, you must give up all bad habits, especially from alcohol and nicotine. Otherwise, pregnancy may not occur due to poor semen quality. Nicotine violates the formation of sperm in the male body. And the longer the future of the pope smoker experience, the more difficult it will be to conceive a child.

You can also consult with the andrologist, and at the same time pass all the necessary tests to check the state of your health. Required are tests for STIs (hepatitis, HIV and syphilis, and other urogenital infections). The food of the future fathers should be complete, the products should not contain various food additives, dyes and preservatives. Do not think that a man should eat more, fatter. The main thing is balance and naturalness.

Physical Education and Contraception

An essential component of preparing a man for conceiving a child is moderate exercise and sports. Also, men can not wear tight clothes and frequent saunas.

Spermatozoa ripen for about 3 months, during this period it is better for men not to perform any X-ray examinations. It is advisable for both partners not to take any medicines.If a woman takes oral contraceptives, then they should be replaced with barrier means of protection (condoms).

Before conceiving

Not a drop of alcohol! Even for courage. We continue to follow all the above tips. If the boy is in plans, then the best time of conception is the first days of ovulation. Special postures are not required, although there are many other opinions about this.

After proximity, a woman should not run directly into a shower, but rather lie down for a while in a relaxed state, because at this time the fallopian tubes, shrinking, help the sperm to reach the egg cell.

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