How to paint in watercolor?

Drawing - one of the greatest creative processes, which is able to reveal the depth and richness of the soul of the creator. This artist is able to depict absolutely any picture and no matter what it is, whether it is small on the asphalt or a simple pencil on the school desk. Let him do it in his own way, but drawing in one degree or another will delight others. Although there are artists who never take up drawing with paints and vice versa there are those who use only paints to create their masterpiece. In this case, every beginning artist should be familiar with all the rules and nuances of using paints. Let's talk about how to draw watercolors.

Choose brushes and paints

First you need to choose the right paint. For this there is an excellent advice to buy them not in some stationery store, but in a specialized store for artists. There are also many kinds of watercolor: dry, liquid, in trays, in tubes, etc. There is no point in advising anything here. This is a matter of simple taste of everyone.In any case, you will have to dilute them, so before this you should carefully read how to do this with one type or another, what proportions of water to follow, etc.

After choosing the colors go to the selection of the brush. Get immediately a pair of brushes, namely one thin, the other thicker. A brush for beginners should be soft, should be collected in a thin tip. Experience, the richer it will be, will tell you over time, on which still brushes should choose.

Consult the store, do not hesitate to ask. Do not try to buy a paper palette, which is not enough for a long time. Paper must also be special.

Learn to paint in watercolor

Well, the choice is made, now another question arises, namely how to learn to paint with watercolors. It's time to start trying. To paint, as mentioned above, you need in the right proportions. In order not to spoil the tones, be sure to take the paint from the tank only with a clean brush. Changing the color, rinse the brush thoroughly with water.

For example, you are going to depict some kind of landscape. For this watercolor is very well suited.Do not be afraid to try, because only by experience you can understand how to paint landscapes with watercolor. Depicting, for example, the sky is necessary to know that it can not be the same tone. To do this, you need to draw not on a horizontal surface, but at an angle. This is very helpful easel. For the image of the brightest areas, use a paint more saturated, for faded ones gradually dilute it with water.

If there is a desire to paint a clearer picture, rather than a landscape, then we can look at an example of how to paint flowers with watercolor. First you need to make sketches of colors with a simple pencil that will facilitate the process of drawing when you go to paint. Also remember - it is necessary to draw the outlines with a thin brush, and when you fill the drawing with color, then vice versa. Draw smoothly, do not press hard on the brush. All strokes should flow into each other, a pencil should not be visible, all changes in color, whether petals or flower stems, should be smooth.

After completing your first composition, give it to your loved one.

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