How to paint eyes?

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How to paint eyes?

Any woman seeking to look attractive, sooner or later asks herself the question "How to properly paint the eyes?". The eyes are called the mirror of the soul, which is why it is worth emphasizing their natural beauty. Hide flaws and make the look expressive - the main objectives of the correct eye makeup. But knowledge and technology is not always enough, it is important to correctly choose color cosmetics. The perfect effect can be achieved using a few simple rules.

Five rules for perfect eye makeup

  1. Before you start eye makeup, you need to prepare them. For this we need a masking cream or a correction pencil. With the help of them, we can hide dark circles under the eyes and get rid of age spots. Apply a few drops of the corrector on the skin under the eye and gently rub them from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.
  2. On the eyelid should be applied to the base, which will retain a matte surface. So the shadows can lie on the eyelid evenly and will not roll into strips.
  3. Use the liner. In the technique of applying eyeliner to the eye there are several features.It is not necessary to give preference only to a liquid eyeliner or a pencil, dark shadows can quite well play the role of a liner. Eyes need to be in line as close as possible to the base of the eyelashes. The upper eyelids are brought from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one, and the lower eyelids are lettered, starting from the middle of the eye, and ending with its outer edge. Then the bottom line is shaded with a cotton swab.
  4. It's time to put shadows on your eyelids. Applying eye shadows is the most difficult part of makeup. Hollywood makeup artists advise to use three-level shadows consisting of a base, a marker and a base. Such shadows can create a volume effect. Shadows are applied with neat strokes, heading from the base of the eyelid to the eyebrows. From the middle of the eye to the outer edge of the shadow should be applied to the eyebrows. If you use shades of several shades, apply dark on the eyelid, and light between eyebrows and eyelids.
  5. Then apply mascara on the eyelashes. Before you dye your eyelashes with mascara, you need to twist them using special forceps. Apply mascara with a brush, following from the base of the eyelashes to their tips. After that, in order to avoid lumps and stuck eyelashes, comb them with a brush.

How to paint eyes depending on their color

Brown eyes

For brown eyes, shades of warm tones are best suited: beige, sand, brown. On the dark skin will look perfect brown-olive gamma. For light skin is to choose a nice blue or turquoise shades. It is recommended to apply brown mascara on eyelashes.

Blue eyes

For blue eyes, cool shades are suitable: gray, blue, purple, turquoise. If you notice that none of the cool shades did not suit you, try a beige, gold or sandy range of shadows. They can give a look of warmth.

Green eyes

For a light look of green eyes, use colors such as golden white, creamy, opal, beige, white and lilac. Owners of green eyes have the opportunity to experiment boldly even with the most vivid and exotic shades.

How to paint eyes depending on their type

Narrow eyes

In order to visually enlarge the eyes, when applying a pencil eyeliner, you need to retreat a little from the eyelash growth line. Then the eyeliner is worth shading.

Asian eyes

For visual disclosure and expansion of this type of eye, there is a technique in which light shadows are applied to the entire eyelid, and brown on the eyebrows. A thick line is drawn along the upper lashes and then shaded.

Small eyes

For makeup of small eyes, use light colors, they are able to visually enlarge the eyes. A big role is played by the shape of the eyebrows, it must be in harmony with the shape of the eyes.

Big eyes

Owners of large eyes should treat eye makeup with special care. With this type of eye, one should not allow thick lines and a large number of shadows of a dark shade.

In order to get more detailed lessons on eye makeup, you can use the video clips on the Internet or attend courses on visage.

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