How to open your bar?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a blue man’s dream to open a bar, an elaborate idea about a standard pub or a new café-bar in a new place, to make it a reality is not as difficult as it may seem. first glance.

You can use ready-made solutions offered by various companies to open enterprises of various businesses. For example, Klen Company is a good and reliable partner, which will help you open a bar with all the wishes, risks and characteristics of the restaurant business, so that in the end you will get a stable and strong institution that brings and constantly increases your profits.

If you want to start developing your own business, then you need to carefully study this business sector, and begin, of course, from the basics, which we will discuss in this article. Let us consider in more detail what steps need to be taken to open your bar.

Open your own bar: work plan

Search for premises

To begin with, it is necessary to clearly define for which category of people you are going to work, and based on this, look for a place, develop a design, menu, and so on. For example, a beer bar is one thing, but a sushi bar requires a completely different approach. After carefully considering the idea of ​​a future bar, start searching for a room. You can do it differently: find a suitable place, and then explore the area and the approximate potential audience, and then determine the ideology and style of the future bar.

A suitable place for a bar is even more than 50% of the success of a future establishment. The most attractive are the following places:

  1. Crowded places. It is clear that where there are few people, it makes no sense to open a bar - at best, it will bring very little income.

  2. If you are planning a bar for young people, then choose a better place near scientific and business centers, institutes and so on. If you want to attract "expensive" visitors, then the bar should be located in a prestigious urban area. And if you are thinking of a bar as an inexpensive snack bar with a large assortment of beer, then the surroundings of major markets and train stations will do. Sleeping areas and the outskirts of the city are also a good option, as these places also need entertainment facilities, which are often lacking there.

  3. Regardless of the idea of ​​the bar, the premises on the first floor of an office or residential building or premises in a non-residential facility with communications and a separate entrance will be suitable for any of them. The main condition for any place - it must meet all the requirements that apply to food service.

  4. Study your competitors within the nearest two or three kilometers. You need to come up with a different concept and style to be different from them. If your bar is similar in style and spirit to a competitor's bar, you will need to develop a plan for your establishment, taking into account the competitor’s minuses and the positive features inherent to your bar, which would be attractive to visitors.

Development of the concept of the bar and recruitment

Next, you need to more carefully develop the concept of your institution: it is the style, interior design, range of dishes and drinks, music, staff uniform, "chips" inherent in your bar. For example, it can be a karaoke bar, a sports bar or a bar where lovers of local rock concerts gather.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of the name for the bar and the sign at the entrance - it depends on their attractiveness whether potential customers want to visit the new bar,until he earned himself a solid positive reputation. An important requirement of taste is compliance with the uniform style of the establishment. If the basis is a certain idea and spirit, then everything in style should correspond to them, starting with the sign outside and ending with the design of the personnel uniform.

You also need to correctly select employees and organize their work. Requires control, a clear timetable, a reward system for the incentive for better performance (for example, linking premiums to revenue). To maintain a good level of service and to solve various work issues, it is useful to conduct trainings and meetings. Remember that the quality of customer service depends on the growth of sales.

Major expenses

Now that the idea has received a clearer design, it's time to take up a plan for the costs of opening the room, where you need to take into account all the details, as well as a plan for monthly expenses.

One-time costs for opening a bar usually include:

  1. Rental of premises;
  2. Repair of the premises;
  3. Registration of legal documentation;
  4. Purchase of a license for the sale of alcoholic beverages;
  5. Purchase of equipment and so on. for the organization of the bar;
  6. Purchase of initial products;
  7. Advertising costs (banner, billboard, signboard, etc.).

Current costs include:

  1. Rental of premises;
  2. Tax payment;
  3. Payment for electricity, water and sewage;
  4. Purchase of products;
  5. Salary of employees;
  6. Advertising;
  7. Other current expenses.

Considering all the expenses, you will be able to determine exactly how much money will be required to open a bar, as well as how much money will be spent monthly. Having a clear cost plan, you can more accurately calculate the profit.

Opening a bar requires less money than opening a restaurant, but the costs are still considerable. The bar belongs to the high risk business. If you wish, you can take a non-target loan secured by real or movable property, but expect that it will take about a year to get into a break-even state.

Bar control

In order for the bar to work well, attract new visitors and make a profit, you need to constantly monitor its work and analyze the development situation of your business.

  1. It is necessary to monitor the work of their employees: their communication with clients, the performance of their official duties, the observance of work ethics and work schedules.
  2. It is important to follow the preferences of the public: for example, some drinks may turn out to be more popular than others, or someone will express their wishes regarding the work of the bar. It is necessary to take into account all the ideas coming from customers, and listen to them. It is important to change in time, as the bar belongs to those institutions that can simply go out of fashion.
  3. You should also conduct marketing research to identify the interests and tastes of visitors, announcements of new drinks and snacks, “dilute” the atmosphere in the bar: for example, periodically invite interesting guests or arrange shows.

Taking into account all the peculiarities of business in this area, following a clear plan and keeping up control over the development of the bar, you can get a great option for a small business that will bring good and stable profits.

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