How to open a PSD file? Several convenient options

Images in PSD format have already gained considerable popularity. However, it is not surprising, because it is this extension that is used in the well-known graphic editor "Photoshop". But even despite this, many users still do not know how to open a PSD file if it suddenly gets on their computer.

In fact, there are a lot of options for working with “Photoshop” images, and this article will list the most popular ones. So, you will learn what a PSD file is, what program to open a PSD, and what to do if the application you need is not at hand.

Format description

PSD is an abbreviation of Photoshop Document. This is a raster format in which graphic information is stored. At the same time to create such files using a special technology that allows them to compress without loss of quality.

The advantages of the format include the ability to work with layers, set transparency, add various vector graphic elements and much more.In addition, using all the same "Photoshop", you can easily convert PSD into almost any popular extension.

As for the shortcomings, here we can mention perhaps a large amount of file. However, given the amount of available space on the hard drives of modern computers, this is not a serious problem.

Adobe Photoshop

The first and most obvious option of how to open a PSD file on your computer is to use Adobe Photoshop. Only "Photoshop" will allow you to take full advantage of all the tools provided for image editing.

Adobe Photoshop interface

Once you install the application, it automatically associates itself with all the PSD files. Simply put, you can open them by double-clicking, which adds convenience to use.

The downside of Photoshop is that the program is distributed for a fee. It’s up to you to decide whether to lay out a round sum, or to look for alternatives, which, by the way, will be discussed below.


If you are thinking about how to open a PSD file without Photoshop, then you should definitely pay attention to the GIMP program.The application has almost all the same tools as its more eminent counterpart, but it is free. Not surprisingly, many experienced users consider this program the main competitor of Photoshop.

Interface artweaver

In GIMP, you can work with existing layers of a PSD image and overlay new ones, adjust color, use masks, use all sorts of drawing tools, and so on. Developers, in turn, regularly release updates for their offspring, so the set of functions available in the program is constantly increasing.


Artweaver is another option for opening a PSD file. The program, again, is distributed free of charge, so even if you don’t like it, you won’t lose anything from it.

The application does not claim the laurels of a professional image editor, but all the important tools are present in it. Layers, brushes, including those created by you personally, the color correction function - all this is already in the basic version of Artweaver. Moreover, the program supports plugins, so that if necessary you can customize it for yourself.


It is likely that you are already familiar with the program Paint.NET, but did not even guess about its hidden features.So, the application is quite able to work with the PSD format, but to access this function, you will need to perform some simple manipulations:

  • Find and download a plugin called PSD Plugin for Paint.NET.
  • Unzip the PhotoShop.dll file and copy it to the File Types folder located in the Paint.NET directory.
Paint.Net interface

You will need to wait a while before opening the PSD file. If done correctly, Paint.NET will automatically detect the plugin and be able to read the PSD format.


The IrfanView program can only open the PSD file, which, of course, is inferior to the applications listed earlier. In fact, the utility will suit you if you just want to view the image and not edit it.

The advantages of the program include small size, high speed, and compatibility with all popular operating systems. At the same time, IrfanView is a free application, everyone can try it out.

Online editors

If you have not decided yet which program to open the PSD file, you can use one of the online editors altogether. For example, you can upload an image to the PhotoPea service, and then start editing it.In this case, you will be available to many useful features, including the same layers, visual effects, brushes, and so on.

Another useful service that works on the same principle as PhotoPea is called Pixlr Editor. Its advantages include a simple, unloaded interface, as well as support for the Russian language, which is not so often found in online editors.

Interface Pixlr Editor online

Which of these two services to choose is up to you. There are more tools in PhotoPea, while Pixlr Editor is much easier to master. However, no one bothers you to try both of these editors, and only then decide on the choice.


And finally, you can not bother at all and convert the PSD to any format convenient for you. Go2convert service that works in online mode is perfect for this.

Go2Convert service

Just go to the website of the converter, specify the path to the PSD file, select the format you need (you can also specify the quality) and click the Convert Now button. After that, just wait a minute, and then download the edited image to your computer (Download button).

Please note that the file will automatically be placed in the archive, so you will need to extract it from there before you start viewing it.

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