How to Open DAT File: Practical Solutions

The file with the .dat extension is found in almost all programs installed on the computer terminal. Naturally, many users are wondering how to open a DAT file, especially since there are a lot of prerequisites for such an interest. The fact is that this extension can correspond to a huge number of programs, although in most cases it is essentially informational files, the abbreviation of which is formed from English Data (data). Let's try to figure out what's what.

how to open dat file

Options for using DAT files

As for what this extension is associated with, there can be quite a lot of options. Therefore, to say that some kind of program for DAT files is universal is absolutely impossible. The most interesting thing is that even applications that can open files of this type are completely different in their orientation.

For example, not to mention the preservation of data, a DAT file can be an archived email attachment, a registry file, computer game compatibility files between themselves, a cache file in Internet Explorer, a video file, a DOS or Windows data file, etc.Options, as you can see, quite a lot. Consider the most basic.

Text editors

The easiest way to solve a problem, how to open a DAT file, is to use a plain text editor like Notepad or a more advanced version like Notepad ++, which can display the syntax of a programming language.

dat file

True, there is one nuance. At best, the user will see a lot of incomprehensible characters on the screen, less often - a binary code. So this method is suitable only for extreme cases, and then only after using utilities like Disassembler, which allow you to restore the source code after compilation.

dat file program

Registry files

One of the most common is the DAT file in the form of ntuser.dat, which is a registry data that stores user information (directory partitionHKEY_CURRENT_USER).

dat file

In principle, there is no need for an inexperienced ordinary user to open such a file, since improper handling of the registry and records stored in it can lead not only to undesirable, but even to disastrous consequences.


Sometimes DAT files are a means of saving settings or levels in a particular game.In addition, the use of files of this type also carries the meaning that games from different manufacturers can be compatible with each other in their settings. This is especially true for level.dat files, in particular in Minecraft.

how to open dat file


Some files with the .dat extension can be used by the application installation and removal programs. In particular, application installation and removal files created using Inno Setup may contain in the root directory with the installed program a special file unins000.exe, to which the DAT file is associated, which is responsible for the correct removal of the application.

dat file program


In the question of how to open a DAT file, another solution is the solution associated with the usual means of accessing the World Wide Web using the Internet Explorer browser. Just the same DAT file is a cache. In other words, such a file stores data on changes in the visited pages, for example, if the page itself remains unchanged when it is updated or returned using the “Back” button. True, this technology is no longer relevant and is used only in older versions of IE.

dat file

For many browsers, such files can be used as a means to store personal data such as usernames and passwords for accessing certain Internet resources.


Among the most common formats of this type are e-mail attachments, whose messages are created or received using the Windows-based utilities called Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange.

dat file

In this case, the file is named winmail.dat and is responsible for the correct sending and receiving messages in terms of formatting. This is especially true of receiving messages by mail clients that do not support the .rtf format.


The most popular demand was the DAT file format, which was a video. At the moment, this technology is outdated. However, some old digitized video recordings are still to be found.

Unfortunately, no program of this type, which allows to understand how to open a DAT file, does not establish its own association with this format. So you have to open files of this type in manual mode, indicating the path through various kinds of menus like "Open", "Play", etc.

The simplest example is the CyberLink PowerDVD application. In essence, the DAT file in this case is the same container in which the source material is packaged using the MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 codec.In principle, the discs on which such a video is recorded are called VCD (or Video CD). As already understood, this format has not been used for a very long time.

how to open dat file


As you can see, DAT files are in most cases very specific and are more likely to be in a software environment.

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