How to open arc?

Evgeny Lukashenko
Evgeny Lukashenko
May 28, 2012
How to open arc?

Before you ask yourself how to open an arc file, you need to know what the ARC is and what role it plays.

Historical background on ARC

On desktop systems, arc was used in the late 80s and early 90s of the last century. Even before crowding it out, the zip arc format was very popular.

ARC is one of the formats of data compression, which excludes their loss. As a rule, the extensions of the resulting final archive had the form ".arc" or ".sue". The arch-archives could contain either one or several files, which were extracted by the program-archiver.

How to open arc: programs

Currently, FreeArc is ideal for this purpose. From the title it is clear that it is "sharpened" :)

In principle, we have an archive in front of us. And what is needed to open any archive? That's right, the program-archiver.

Go through the list of popular:

  • Winrar
  • 7-zip
  • Realzip
  • Universal extractor

WinRar is an excellent archiver. Just set the file association in the explorer with ARC, and after double-clicking on the archive you will open it with WinRar.Minus - the program is paid.

Universal Extractor is best suited for our purposes. The best unpacker of all that is distributed freely.

I think, now we will not get lost in a situation when it is necessary to open arc files.

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