The desire to acquire their own business visits many people, but not all realize it, for fear of responsibility and the burden of new problems. However, the business world is not as bad as it seems at first glance. With a certain perseverance, a novice can make his dream come true: for example, open a fashion store.

Is it profitable to open a clothing store?

The first question, visiting a novice entrepreneur, rightly relates to finance. Approximate costs for opening a clothing store for each region will be different, but in any case rather big. They include the cost of registering the company, its share capital, an advance payment for the first batch of the goods ordered and the cost of certificates, salaries for the staff (merchants and accountants), fees for purchasing equipment and developing advertising. The lion's share of all expenses will be the rent and the cost of repairing the store’s premises, the size of which should be at least 35-50 square meters.Therefore, it is reasonable to try to analyze how soon the enterprise can pay for itself and whether it will pay back at all, whether it will ruin its owner.
There are two fairly correct approaches here: to work on the franchise, or to try to independently identify an unoccupied niche and work in this direction. As for the franchise, then, according to statistics, in the first five years of work, 85 percent of independent small enterprises are closed - and only 14 percent of those who work under the already well-known brand. Of course, such a system assumes that an entrepreneur loses some of his independence, but in return he receives security, invaluable experience working with a large company, and discounts on goods that are inaccessible to others. If you open an independent specialty store, then you need to pay attention to the directions not captured by competitors in the city or area where the businessman lives. For example, there are usually several women's clothing stores in every large shopping center, but there are no large-sized fashion stores, although such a business, according to some estimates, has an increased profitability. There may also be no available children's or men's clothing stores: therefore, it is important for a newly minted businessman to carefully study the situation and potential customers.
Which clothing store to open - the businessman himself chooses, but it is better to occupy an uncovered nicheWhich clothing store to open - the businessman himself chooses, but it is better to occupy an uncovered niche

Where better to open a clothing store?

It will depend on the chosen location of the store whether its customers will find it and whether they will prefer a more accessible competitor, so you need to approach the place of registration. Despite the astronomical cost of renting, shopping centers are the best place to open a store, because they guarantee a constant flow of potential buyers, parking spaces, and specific problems such as inspections fall on the shoulders of building owners. The aforementioned franchise can help with the rental of the premises, since the owners of shopping centers prefer to work with large brands. If the place in the shopping center is not available, you should find out where the shops are located in the city and where they are not: if you cannot find a clothing store for kids within walking distance from the children's clinic or kindergarten, then it can be opened there, to the pleasure of the parents who could make the necessary purchases with the child on the way home. Renting such a place can be relatively inexpensive.but you shouldn’t save much on other elements of business - the same automation of trade will not only simplify the task of store personnel, but also ensure the convenience and speed of customer service.
It is necessary to open a children's clothing store in such a place that it was convenient for buyers - parentsIt is necessary to open a children's clothing store in such a place that it was convenient for buyers - parents

How to open an online clothing store?

If the complexity of the traditional "offline" trade repels a potential entrepreneur, then you can start with a trendy online store. But one should not assume that such a store will pay for itself and generate income only through its existence, it will be a completely “real business” in which you need to invest a lot of effort.
In the same way as with a store located in the physical space, you first need to define your narrow niche: for example, it can be a clothing store for pregnant women serving a small suburb of a large city. Then, you must either order the site on a turnkey basis, or buy a ready-made solution (good, there are many), buy a domain name and pay for hosting, and find a room for a clothing warehouse and for its self-pickup - and, of course, determine the supplier.From the staff, you may first need only a hired driver who will deliver the purchases, and a specialist who services the site, but in the case of business expansion, couriers, own drivers, administrators, and so on will be required. An online clothing store can become not only an independent online business, but also a kind of “showcase” for an already operating fashion salon, where buyers can familiarize themselves with new fashionable offers.
As the editors of notes, it is important to understand that the Internet not only brings together the buyer and the seller, but also the competitors, so the struggle for a place under the sun in the network space will be no less tense than on a large street filled with shops.

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