How to open a car wash?

Let's say right away: this article is not a comprehensive guide to the car wash business. However, here we will tell in detail about the actions, how to open a car wash, and those steps that you will need to take in order for your service to start a stable operation from the very beginning. We will divide our plan to open a car wash into several stages in order to make it easier for the novice to understand.

A few words about the car wash business

Before you open a car wash, it will be useful for you to find out about what, strictly speaking, is a car wash business today. If we talk about history, then this business is already about a century and it will exist for a very long time. There were, there are and there will be cars, and there will be street dirt in the same way. In the West, it is believed that if you are going to open your own car wash, then this should be done from a long-term perspective - for several decades ahead.

First steps

How to start opening a car wash? Of course, from the project! The first step is to create a project of work, and then receive all sorts of permits.

First you need to find out whether the people around you will not be against the creation of a car wash.

Further, it is necessary to coordinate the opening of a car wash with various public organizations that have weight in your city.

After that, you can start the actual project work, and then proceed to obtaining permits, which we will discuss in more detail.

Permits and Negotiation Documentation

  • This procedure begins with the fact that you need to submit a letter of application for assignment for the construction of a plot of land. The letter is filed in the name of the local chief.
  • After that, you need to prepare a sketch of the project and coordinate it with the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station (SES), fire inspectorate and municipal architects.
  • Next, we attach all the previously received documents and write a letter addressed to the city chief.
  • After an approving decision, you can start getting an architectural planning task (APL). With the ready APZ we coordinate technical conditions in a variety of organizations. These will be agreements on outdoor lighting, installation of telephones, electricity, radio, flood drains, sewage systems, as well as gas, water and light.In total we will have to go around about 30 different organizations. But that is not all.
  • Next, the project needs to be coordinated at the fire inspectorate, SES, the labor protection service, with the architects, the environmental protection service and, finally, it must undergo a state examination. If in each of these organizations you have received approval, then you can proceed to the procedure for issuing a warrant for construction and allotment of land for construction.

All these procedures can take you up to 1.5-2 years. Not scary? Then imagine that everything was resolved safely and talk about the next steps.

Car wash room

At least 2/3 of your income will depend on the choice of place for placement, so take this most seriously.

It is best if the car wash is located near a busy highway or the central avenue of the area.

It is also good to have a car wash close to major border or customs posts, car parks, gas stations (gas stations) and service stations (STO).

If you plan to engage in washing cars and minibuses, then it will be enough to have a room measuring 6 by 10 meters.In this case, the construction of the premises will cost you about 20 thousand US dollars (600 thousand rubles). It remains to choose a contractor and agree with him the working conditions. Try to find a company that is ready to take on the design of construction. In this case, you will receive a guarantee that the work will be completed on time and at no additional cost. Typically, the construction of a car wash "turnkey" takes about 2 months.

If you do not have enough money to build your own building for a car wash, you can rent a room. Thus, you will save a lot of time to obtain permits, but the profit will have to be shared.

How to open a car wash - business planning

As we have said, if you want to engage in such a business, then you need to plan it for a long enough period - at least 10 years. The services that your carwash will provide usually consist of an external car wash, interior cleaning of cars and auto parts.

If you want your car wash to be competitively capable, then, firstly, you must offer appropriate prices, and, secondly, hire qualified specialists to work.Therefore, it is important to choose a place for a car wash, so that you can immediately get a certain profit.

Hopefully, our advice on how to open a car wash will be useful to you if you really decided to start creating this difficult business.

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