How to offer a girl sex?

If a young man and a girl began to meet regularly not only in general campaigns, but also in private with each other, it means that certain personal relationships appeared between them. It is clear that when two people of the opposite sex feel mutual sympathy, interest and craving for each other, they gradually cease to satisfy such things as hugs and kisses. The moment will come when they come to a closer version of physical intimacy - sexual contact.

Of course, even if the girl herself is ready for sex and wants it, she is unlikely to say so directly about it. The initiative in this matter traditionally belongs to the man. But how to suggest a girl to have sex?

The easiest way to offer a girl sex

Suppose you met a beautiful girl whose presence excites you. You just want her to be in your bed. It seems that the most viable option to offer her intimate intimacy is to tell her about this, as a man, directly and unequivocally: “Let's have sex.

But, besides the fact that it is the simplest, it is also the most inefficient way. Even if you are interested in a girl as a man, and under certain circumstances she would have made love to you, then such a frank proposal will spoil her mood, and then something, and you just won't have sex today. You will probably have to apologize for a long time and explain what you had in mind not what you said. And to sexual intimacy with the desired girl you have to move in the same way as all other people, that is, gradually.

How to accelerate the onset of sexual intimacy

If your girlfriend does not belong to the type of easily accessible persons who are themselves ready to hang themselves around the neck, then in order to achieve her closeness, you will have to bring together many factors and actions. It is important to choose the right place and time, do not skimp on compliments, prepare the offensive proximity with light touches, constantly monitor the reaction of the girl.

If you do not spoil the romantic atmosphere with rudeness, you will be attentive and tactful, and you will gradually move from one stage to another, then you will not have to look for special words for a sentence. Everything happens by itself.Consider the important details needed for this.

Choosing a place and time

Most girls will agree to have sexual contact only if they feel safe. The main points - the girl must be sure that no one will hurt you, and that no one will know about it at all.

Romantic music will help to prepare a girl for joining intimacy. As for alcohol, a small dose of it in the form of a glass of champagne will relieve some tightness and stiffness. It will help you. But if you overdo it, you will take possession of a drunk girl who is not aware of her actions. And it is not known what she will tell you when the sobering comes.


Girls love ears. Without talking to a girl, without showing your interest, you will never achieve intimacy with her. But if you tell her that she is the most beautiful, this will greatly advance the cause. She decides that it is you - the smartest (and generally the most-most). If you want a girl to reciprocate your wishes, do not stint on praise and compliments.

Power of touch

If you just talk to a girl, the status of her friend will be fixed for you forever.But if you expect that your communication will continue in bed, you should begin to touch the girl's body. First, it should be as if casual touching the wrists or knees (if you are sitting next to). If the girl does not move away, then your touch is pleasant to her. Invite her to dance, hug, kiss. If the girl responded to your kiss, then she is not against sex with you (at least in perspective). Go to more active actions, starting from stroking the shoulders, back and then on the list known to every man (and woman). If a girl allows herself to caress hands, then you are 10 minutes from sex.

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