How to name your son?

In anticipation of the child a lot of pleasant things, and one of thethem - the choice of name for the baby. If you have a boy, be sure to think carefully about how to name your son. After all, he will then live with him a very long life. Choose a name to make it pleasant for him to hear, not you! Many parents give the child a name for their own pleasure, and some Marcel Ivanovich Redkin then all his life gets angry with grins behind his back. Therefore, try on the name not to your self-esteem, creativity and imagination, but to the normal life of your child's future.

How to choose

Be sure to relate the name with the patronymic and surnamechild. If you have a very simple name, then do not give the child foreign names. And if the surname is "tricky," beautiful, then, please, come up with a rare, ancient, overseas name. There are parents who specially come up with long names, considering them beautiful. Yes, there are such people as Rostislav, Vladislav, Constantine, Vsevolod. But, choosing such a name, think about how you will call your child as a child. If the name Rostislav sounds very beautiful, then in his childhood he will be Rostik? And Yaroslav - Yarik? Or will they all be in the early age of the Glory? Recently appeared in the press information about the names, which were called the parents of children in 2012. So a few boys called Cosmos. A wonderful word, but a name ... The boys in the first year of life are called Kosik. It's good that they still do not care how their relatives address them.

Popular names

It's just wonderful when a family was borna son. How to name it, by the time of birth, parents already know. Many choose popular Russian names, which are both beautiful and euphonious, and when baptized, the priest will not be in disarray. In 2012, as already 60 years in Russia, the name of Alexander was the leader. Indeed, you can hardly imagine a better name. But behind him are Dmitry, Daniil, Maxim, Artem, Ivan, Denis, Yaroslav, Cyril, Nikita. Last year's leaders also received old Russian names, which are no less brilliant with beauty and masculinity - Bogdan, Matvey, Zakhar, Timothy, Gleb. They can be called fashionable, but it is not known for how long they have entered this list, can they become like Alexander?

Tradition name

Always very respect for those families where there are traditionsin everything, including in names. There are often families where the men who are born first have only two names, after a generation they give the same names. And there are those where it is considered obligatory to call the son on behalf of the father, all male first-borns in such families bear one name. One superstition can break this tradition. They say that you can not call a baby the name of a deceased relative. Priests do not consider this to be true, therefore, it is probably possible to name a child in the memory of a native person.

Names of the Saints

Many parents, deciding how you can call your son,look for names in the church calendar on the day when the baby should be born. Our ancestors did so always. Each number in the calendar has a large number of names. So there is plenty to choose from. There are rare and popular names. See for yourself, call you son Christopher or Ivan, Avidiem or Anton. Think about the future of the child, and you will succeed. And to make it easier for you to decide how to name your son, you can see the names here, or here.

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