How to name a circle?

Today there are a great many diverse circles, and, of course, it’s difficult to stand out from all this multitude. And what will help to become more noticeable in the "crowd"? In the first place, a competent name, because, oddly enough, for the consumer it plays a crucial role. Let's see how you can call a circle to pay attention to it.

Basic naming rules


First, the name must be unique, the use of the same or similar competitor names is unlikely to play a good service. You create a unique product, which means that its name must be unique, associations with other companies will interfere with the correct positioning.

Brevity is the soul of wit

The name should be sonorous and short, it should be quickly and easily remembered. If a long name is inevitable, be sure to come up with a nice sounding abbreviation, but at the same time avoid complicated letter and sound combinations.

Positive emotions

The name should generate only positive emotions.But remember, if you have a name that causes only pleasant associations, this does not mean that it sounds pleasant to all other people. Be sure to check your names, at least by interviewing friends and acquaintances.


The soldier who does not dream of becoming a general is bad, and the entrepreneur who, creating a business, does not make plans for his development is bad. Yes, even a tiny circle can grow into a large organization - a network of additional education schools throughout the country. Therefore, when thinking about the name, keep in mind that it should be universal and equally well suited to a small, modest group and a large organization.

Reflection of the essence

Well, of course, the name should convey the essence, the name of the circle should be associated with the activities that it does. Below we consider examples of the names of circles for various activities.

Name examples

  • Theater circle: "Mime", "Theater", "Role", "New Look".
  • Circle of foreign languages: "ABC", "Kid's land", "Lingvo-Mir", "Polyglot".
  • Creative circle: "Art project", "Fine nature", "Talantium".
  • Musical circle: "Violin", "The Sound of Music", "By the notes", "Mozart".
  • Dance circle: "Rhythm", "Body & Soul", "In Tempo", "Bright life".

Needless to say, quite often, many deviate from the “reflection of the essence” rule and select just a beautiful name for a mug. In some cases this is justified, but, nevertheless, it is better not to deviate from the rules, because they were invented for good reason. For example, at first glance, the idea of ​​naming a children's creative club Smeshariki seems to be a good one - this is a fashionable word, which, roughly speaking, “will lead”. However, what will happen when the cartoon goes out of fashion? Your circle will immediately lose relevance.

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