How to meet in contact?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
April 14, 2015
How to meet in contact?

Virtual dating is already quite familiar and commonplace. But get acquainted not only on specialized sites. Sometimes the desire to make friends with the person you like appears to users of social networks. Is it hard to do? What to do to make such a step successful? Let's see, for example, how to meet in contact?

General rules

Here, as in the case of a real acquaintance, the “meet by clothes” rule applies. Therefore, before sending messages, you should try to do everything to make the first pleasant impression on the addressee. And the first impression will be formed, of course, in the appearance of your page. So put it in order!

  • The face of your page is your avatar. It should be an interesting photo that presents you in the best possible way. Also tidy your photo albums.
  • Filled out personal information. Be sure to include your name, age and other personal information on the page.
  • Status.Deliver the original, but unbroken status that can characterize you, and also report on your mood or events in your life.
  • Music and video. Vkontakte users are often actively interested in the musical preferences reflected on the page and watching the video that you posted on it.
  • News feed. Remove from the news all the rubbish, as well as posts on your wall, which can spoil the impression of you.

Start dating

You can start to get acquainted not only with direct dialogue. First let know about yourself ordinary "likes". If you mark photos and posts that you like on the page of a user, this person will certainly also interest you. It is possible that the dialogue will start exactly the "object" of dating, but you will not have to puzzle over how to start a conversation.

If this does not help, then send the first message. The main thing - do not seem too "bland" and do not use banal phrases. Pay attention in the message to the interests of the interlocutor, note that you share them. Even a simple greeting or a funny quatrain can be the beginning of dating.What exactly to write - you decide. After all, it largely depends on who your message is intended for.

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Development of a relationship

If the dialogue began, your task is to keep the interlocutor's interest. How you do this also depends largely on the participants in the dialogue. You should be able to keep up the conversation on topics interesting to the person you are dating.

If such interest arises, then you can already try to arrange a real meeting, a telephone conversation, or a dialogue with a video link.

The main thing - do not be afraid to take the first step. Because only the one who is not afraid to risk wins!

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