How to make things for a doll? Homemade things for dolls

Each girl, playing with dolls, dreams of a big wardrobe for her darling. It's so interesting - to change outfits and create new images! And sometimes for a new beautiful dress you need very few materials, free time and imagination. This article will discuss how to make things for a to make things for a doll

What to sew clothes for dolls

First of all it is necessary to prepare materials. It can be various patches and scraps of fabrics left after sewing any things, as well as various socks, jackets and other items of clothing from which the child grew. Also, various beads, ribbons, lace will be useful for work. Even if it is a very small piece, it will look just the way on a miniature doll dress. As fasteners it is best to use a tape-adhesive tape, the child can easily cope with it, unlike buttons or buttons. After all the necessary materials have been prepared, and the sewing accessories are already waiting, you can take a closer look at how to make things for the doll doll clothes

Fantasy - the source of ideas

Undoubtedly, any baby will say what kind of dress she wants to have in the wardrobe of her doll. And to begin with tailoring with this model will be the most correct decision. First you need to create a sketch of the product, drawing all the details of cutting and decorative elements. Namely, to paint the conceived dress, specifying where the ruffles will be, what will be the sleeves, the neckline for the neck, as well as the places where lace, bows, beads and other things will be sewn. Sketch on paper will greatly help in the process of work and in the creation of other items of clothing. In particular, having a picture, it is easy to imagine how the product will turn out in the end, which particular decorative elements and combinations of fabrics will look more harmonious on each individual model.things for dolls monster high

How to make a pattern

Homemade items for dolls have always been considered exclusive and original. However, in order to make a sewn dress or pants for a doll beautifully sitting on a miniature figure, you need to do everything right from the very beginning. And the first stage of work is the construction of the pattern. And here the fun begins. Among the masters of the popular are two options for building patterns that are needed in order to make things for dolls with their own hands.One of them involves carrying out numerous measurements and calculations, and the other is considered by many to be the simplest and most accurate, but it will require a foil for baking. So, the doll is wrapped in foil, pressing it more tightly against the body, and after the ball-point pen, lines are drawn along which the seams will pass through the product. First, draw the main seams (these include the side, shoulder, mid-back seam, and talevy seam), and then additional darts and model lines, including the neckline and the bottom line for blouses and short dresses.

How to make a foil pattern: master class

Things for dolls actually sew is not so difficult. Take, for example, a magnificent dress. The skirt in such a dress is made of a rectangular piece of fabric with a height equal to the length from the waist to the heels. You can decorate it with frills of lace or satin ribbons. But in order to make the bodice, and you need a foil. Pupa wrapped with foil from the neck to the waistline, where the skirt will be sewn. After right on the foil on the pupa it is necessary to draw the neckline. If this dress is with a sleeve, then you should mark the shoulder seams, the line of sewing on the sleeves, as well as all the model elements and the darts.On the back, strictly in the middle, they also draw a line and, starting with this mark, armed with nail scissors, carefully cut the foil into all the planned elements. In the end, you should get the details of the cut, exactly lying on the plane.homemade things for dolls

Dress making process

After the bodice patterns are ready, they are placed on the wrong side of the fabric and encircled with a disappearing marker or tailor’s chalk. Next, proceed to cutting, giving allowances for seams, and directly to the assembly of all parts in the product. In order to sew things for dolls with your own hands, it is not necessary to have sewing equipment on hand; it is enough to use a simple hand stitch “for a needle” and pro-blanket stitches. First, sew shoulder seams and handle the neck. After sew the sleeves. And only after that close the side seams. When the bodice is ready, you can sew in it a pre-assembled and hemmed skirt. Next comes the turn of the velcro and the processing of the back seam. At the end, decorative elements are sewn onto the dress, giving the product a finished look.master class stuff for dolls

How to sew trousers

Of course, in the wardrobe of a real fashionista there must be fashionable pants, especially if these are things for Monster High dolls! Using the already familiar way of creating a product template, it is not at all difficult to cope with this task.So, we wrap one of the legs of the pupa with foil, as well as part of the body, up to the level of the fit of the pants. After drawing the handle back and front, side and stepped seams. Cut the pattern should be on the label on the outer side of the legs below. This hard work should be done very carefully so as not to damage the doll. After the line of the side seam is cut, the foil is carefully removed from the model and all parts are cut. Next, the patterns are applied to the fabric, shallowed by adding seam allowances. Also, before opening, model the shape of the leg (bell or pipe). Assembly begins with the rear middle seam. At this stage, you can arrange the pockets by sewing small squares of fabric in the appropriate places. After connect and process the details of the leg along the side lines. Finish tailoring, turning up and securing the leg and stitching velcro for to sew things for dolls

How to sew a skirt

You can talk a lot about how to make things for a doll, but you can't understand how interesting and easy it is without trying to make at least some small detail of the wardrobe. Perhaps the easiest clothing to wear is a skirt. And for her tailoring, you can not even make a pattern.It is enough to measure the waist and hips of the doll, the length of the product and the height from the waist to the hips.

As a rule, the details of the skirt are painted directly on the fabric. So, to begin with, they take measurements of the waist and hips, divide them in half, then fold the length of matter in half along the lobe thread and start modeling. The required length is measured by two horizontal stripes, on the top mark a quarter waist measure of + 0.7 cm for tuck design. On the bottom horizontal line I lay down the fourth part of the hip measure, then connect the verticals of these points on the hip line, which is parallel to the waist downwards by the previously measured value. After cutting out two such parts, adding 0.5 cm to design the seams. The clasp in this case is done from the side. If you need to sew Velcro back, then one of the panels of skirts made of two parts, not forgetting the allowances.

Knowing how to sew things for a doll, you can organize a whole fashion show, which will surely please the little lady. And in order for the sewing process to be interesting, one should not be afraid to trust some elements of the baby's work, even if there are fears that something will be done wrong, because the shortcomings can be easily corrected.Regardless of whether Barbie is Monster High or Tonner, you can make a stunning wardrobe for your favorite daughter, because making your own dolls is really very simple. The main thing - the restriction in tailoring chic outfits can only be your own imagination.

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