How to make sunrays in Photoshop?

We all want our photos to become better.Today we will add sun rays to the photo. Immediately it is worth saying that there is nothing complicated in this. The process of changing photos will last from 10 to 20 minutes. The method outlined in this article is more suitable for beginners. But sometimes it's useful for experienced users to get familiar with this kind of information.

Sun rays,

Necessary funds

To add sunlight to the imageIt will only need Photoshop and, accordingly, the image itself. The version of this graphics editor is not so important. Since the necessary set of tools is present everywhere. It is recommended that high-quality images be taken with high resolution. But this is optional.

sun rays in photoshop


In this manual, the sun's rays in Photoshop are added using the gradient tool. To quickly select this tool, you can use the hotkey G.

  • First of all, add the image to the image editor. You can simply transfer the snapshot to the program or press Ctrl + O, and from there select the desired file.
  • Add a new layer. You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N. Or, in the toolbar, open the "Layers" tab and select "New", where the "Layer" button is located.
  • Select the gradient tool.If you use the hotkey G, you can choose another means (fill). In this case, right-click on this tool in the control panel. And manually select the desired tool.
  • At the top of the gradient options bar, you needchoose the type "angular" or "cone-shaped" (in some versions, the translation is different). Next, click on the shades of the colors used (to the left of selecting the gradient type).
  • We set the following values:gradient - noise; smoothness - 100%. Check the checkboxes for "limit colors" and "enable transparency". In the color picker panel, change the position of the sliders to make a light shade.
  • On the layer that was created in the second stage,use the gradient tool. To do this, from the very top to the bottom, drag the cursor (with the left mouse button pressed). As a result, very bright sun rays should be obtained.
  • To get rid of unnecessary light, you need to reduce the opacity parameter in the layers panel. Expose about 50%. In the Overlay options, select Overlay.
  • If it seems to you that the rays are too small, then repeat the instructions, starting at 3 points.
  • If there are too many rays, reduce the opacity parameter.

Additional information.It can not be said that this method is ideal, and completely emulates the sun's rays. Photoshop in this case allows you to improve this instruction by adding different filters. Try to assign new values ​​and use new parameters. And then your effect will look more realistic.

sunshine photoshop


Even the most inexperienced user of the programPhotoshop will be able to add sunlight to your photo, use the provided instructions. In addition, you can get even an animated picture, if you duplicate the layer with the ray display. But this is already a topic for another article.

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