How to make origami rose?

Olga Kandayeva
Olga Kandayeva
January 11, 2013
How to make origami rose?

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How to make origami rose?

Many are interested in the question of how to make a rose origami, because it is this flower that is the most popular. Everyone knows that a rose is the most beautiful flower, sometimes it is called the queen of all flowers, therefore, it should be done with caution and special skill to make the flower beautiful and tender, like a queen. The paper version should look like a real flower, naturally and attractively. You can give such a rose to a friend or acquaintance, or make it a supplement to a more expensive gift. All women love flowers, and roses in particular.

Step by step description of making origami

To make an origami rose out of paper you need only 15-20 minutes of time and one piece of paper. The paper should be quite soft, as thick paper can be difficult. It is better to use colored paper, but a white rose will also look beautiful.

  • Unroll a piece of paper or a napkin and fold a quarter toward you.Turn the napkin sideways, so that the curved edge is below and to the side of you. Then you need to bend the upper left corner of the napkin between the index and middle finger.
  • Wind the napkin on these fingers, while the bent edge will remain outside. You need to reel tightly, but so that it is not too tight and it is convenient to make rose petals. Then the corner of the napkin must be bent down and to the right. Right hand, you should hold the napkin a little lower than the fingers themselves and begin, as if to separate the bud and stem of a rose. To do this, the napkin must be twisted, moving downward in such a way, the stem will turn out, and the part that remains on the fingers will be a bud.
  • On the stem you need to bend one edge of the napkin, which will be a leaf, so the rose will look more natural. It is necessary to twist the middle of the bud a little to make it look more natural and to slightly bend the leaves down.

On the Internet you can find schemes origami roses. If this does not help you, and you still do not understand how to make origami a rose, video tutorials can help. They will facilitate the manufacturing process, because for many people visibility is important.

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