How to make origami from modules?

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How to make origami from modules?

Paper making technology was brought to Japan from China at the beginning of the seventh century and has undergone significant changes over time. The Japanese managed to create a new type of paper that was both thick and soft and less likely to tear. This type of paper was named Vasya, and it was from her that they began to make unique paper forms and figures, which later took shape in this kind of decorative and applied art, like origami.

Traditionally, origami refers to the process of creating a form of a square sheet of paper by folding it repeatedly. However, there is also the so-called modular origami, which consist of several elements. Each element is made from a separate sheet of paper, after which all elements are combined into a single composition without the use of glue or scissors. In this article we will explain how to make origami from modules in the form of a five-pointed star.

Materials and procedures

For work, you will need to cut 5 squares out of paper of 7.5x7.5 cm. In principle, any paper with a density up to 100 g / m² will do. This can be either plain office paper or children's drawing paper or colored cutting paper. Please note that it is always easier to work with colored paper, yes, and crafts from it look more impressive. We suggest you start learning from simpler shapes, creating a voluminous five-pointed star to begin with.

  1. Take the first square.
  2. Fold it diagonally, slide it over the fold line with your fingers, and then turn the square back.
  3. Now, each of the two halves of the square that were formed after bending, bend in half so that equal angles are obtained. Also slide your fingers along the fold line and re-smooth the sheet in front of you.
  4. You will find that 3 fold lines extend from one corner of the square. Place a sheet of paper that angle up.
  5. Bend the opposite edge from this angle by about a third upwards so that a curved strip appears in front of you.
  6. Unscrew the top corner of this strip towards yourself. The paper should be neatly folded along the fold line, which we made in step 3.
  7. The opposite corner roll inside the square.
  8. Now fold the resulting figure in half in half along the fold line from point 2.
  9. origamiTurn the bottom of the resulting shape upward, facing you, and then turn the extreme left corner of the resulting "tail" inward.
  10. As a result, you should have a triangle with a special “tail” for fastening parts to each other.
  11. Deploy the part back to the moment when it takes the form as in paragraph 6.
  12. Make in the same way 4 more details.
  13. Fasten every detail with the next, threading the "tail" of one part in the fold line and clinging to one of the halves of the diamond.
  14. As a result, you should have a voluminous five-pointed star.

This is just one of many examples of origami modules. There are more than a thousand different modular origami.

Sonobe module

The most common element of modular origami is the Sonobe module. With it, you can collect almost any geometric shape.

The Sonobe module is built like this:

  1. Take a square sheet of paper.
  2. Fold it in the middle in half.
  3. Then each of the halves fold again in half to the center.
  4. Bend the lower left corner so that the left side of the resulting triangle coincides with the upper edge of the figure.
  5. Turn the face upside down and do the same again.moduleoperation, but with the opposite angle.
  6. Before you are two triangles. Fold the top corner of each of them inside the shape.
  7. Fold the corners sticking out of the figure.
  8. Turn the figure face down and do the same on the reverse side.
  9. Again, turn the figure backwards and turn it so that the result is a rolled-up square.
  10. Bend the figure, you will get a ready-made module.
  11. The number and order of assembly of the modules depends on what you will later build from them.

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