How to make mormyshku?

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How to make mormyshku?

Mormyshka appeared randomly due to the connection of the sinker with a hook on an ordinary float tackle. After that, the activity of fish biting increased, and this interested all fishing enthusiasts. This is how a completely new kind of artificial bait was born, which is almost 100 percent similar to the movement of aquatic insects that fish feed on.

Winter fishing with the bait as well as fishing with the bait is to imitate the behavior of fish feeding objects. You can look at any information on fishing sites about them and figure out how to make a winter mormyshka. And not only the form is simulated, but also the movement and color. The fish is caught in a snag, snag is a lifeless imitation of a live insect. Now let's talk about how to make mormyshku.

To do this, you need to have a little patience and prepare all the necessary materials and tools. To help you understand the video on this page. In addition, to help you, we will now explain in detail how to make a mormyshka with your own hands.

Required tools

You will need a soldering iron, since the mormyshk needs to be soldered. Its power should be about 40W. You also need to prepare materials for soldering. This is a soldering acid, it is also called a flux (can be purchased at any radio store), and, of course, solder, better rosin. Still need pliers, scissors, tweezers and pliers.

Manufacturing Technique

  • We take an empty matchbox. There we put a lot of screws and nuts to make it heavier. Matchbox set tilted so that the hot tin more flowed to the thick end of our jib. We pre-divide the solder into small pieces, so that they stick better to the soldering iron, and then we stick them onto the body of the mouthpiece itself.
  • There is also a way to make your own mormyshka at home. To do this, we also need a soldering iron, solder, a piece of plywood (30 to 40 millimeters), a nail (the diameter should be up to one millimeter) and tweezers. The surface of the plywood and the nail must be lubricated with engine oil. The nail should be driven into a piece of plywood to a depth of 3-4 millimeters, then lubricate all the fat. A piece of solder (also we take a small one with the size of a small pea) with the help of a soldering iron we put around a hammered nail.Next, you need to enter a drop of solder, which has already melted, give a little frost and pull the nail out of the jig. With the help of the file you need to give it the necessary form. Hole must be countersink. You can polish the surface of the jig with a needle.

It is better to boil the prepared mormysk to remove the smell of soldering in soda solution, but this is not necessary.

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