How to make money on a video card? Bitcoin mining on a video card

The last few years, the Internet has literally swamped with advertising, offering to download a program that will use the computing power of your computer, bringing passive income. Such proposals may seem like another fraudulent scheme, but you should not rush to conclusions, because there really is a way to make money on a video card. Let's find out about everything in more detail.

How to make money on a video card

The only way to make a profit from the video card installed on your computer is by bitcoin mining on a video card. Mining is a process that uses computational power to create digital signatures in the Bitcoin system. By providing your computer for these purposes, you will receive a reward. Despite the fact that it is becoming more difficult to mine “virtual gold”, interest in cryptocurrency is not decreasing.This is explained by the fact that the Bitcoin (BTC) rate is gradually increasing in relation to fiat money.

how to make money on a video card

VTS first appeared on the Web in 2009, but it attracted the interest of ordinary Internet users and investors only at the beginning of 2013. It is made attractive by the stability of the course, which, despite the difficulties in the global economy, is constantly taking a higher bar. That is why people who know how to earn bitcoins on a video card do not spare funds for the purchase of new equipment, which will definitely pay off. If you decide to do mining, we invite you to find out where to start and what equipment will be optimal for this type of activity.

Permanent Ethernet Access

In order for your equipment to be included in the process of information processing, it must be connected to the Internet. The required speed depends on:

  • total number of video cards involved;
  • device performance;
  • load your chosen pool.

how to earn bitcoins on a video card

If only one video adapter is involved in the mining, then the speed of 10 kbit / s will be enough. However, this method of cryptocurrency mining is not effective and will bring insignificant profit.You can increase revenue by collecting a "farm", which is equipped with several video cards at once. For such equipment it is necessary to use high-speed Internet.

The most suitable video card

A large number of video cards used is not always the key to success. For example, the Radeon RX 470 is capable of producing three times more Satoshi than the GTX 750 Ti. Before buying video cards for the farm, give preference to the most powerful devices capable of operating in an energy-efficient mode. The most important in the video adapter involved in mining is the SPS (Solution Per Second) indicator, which directly affects the number of operations per second. We bring to your attention a kind of rating of graphic adapters, which was compiled on the basis of a survey of people who know how to make money on a video card.



Minimum cost

Payback (days)

Radeon rx 470

4-8 Gb

300 $


Radeon rx 480

4-8 Gb

350 $


Geforce GTX 1060

3-6 Gb

400 $


Geforce GTX 1070

8 Gb

480 $


Radeon fury x

4 Gb

550 $


Pay attention that the payback period is conditional. It can both be reduced and increased. Much will depend on exchange rate fluctuations, as well as on the cost of electricity. This table is provided to help form a clear idea of ​​how much a video card earns per day.If you take, for example, RX 470, then the average income per day will be about $ 2.06, GTX 1060 - $ 3.08.

How many graphics cards can be installed in one “farm”

"Farm" is a computer that consists not only of video adapters. For its work, you will need to purchase a motherboard, processor, RAM, and power supply, as well as install the OS and download the client software that will allow you to run bitcoin mining on the video card. For stable and efficient graphics card, you need to install "fresh" drivers. Nvidia works exclusively with CUDA architecture, and Radeon - with AMDAPPSDK. Each of the architectures involves the use of no more than eight graphics cores. This means that one “farm” can be completed with a maximum of eight single-processor video cards or four dual-processor cards.

Bitcoin mining on a video card

To use the maximum number of video cards you will need:

  • high-speed memory (at least 8 GB);
  • fairly powerful power supply;
  • high frequency processor;
  • motherboard having the required number of ports, slots.


We have dealt with the technical part, and also have a small idea of ​​how much the video card earns on mining.In order to start mining digital currency, first of all you need to establish a PTS-wallet and get a unique address that is used when making transactions. The most reliable is the official Bitcoin Core wallet, which requires quite a lot of free space on the hard disk.

how much does a video card earn on mining

The next step is to download the client itself, which will use the power of our video cards for computing tasks. There are a huge number of such programs, but among them are the following:

  • SgminerUntil recently, miners working with video cards from both Nvidia and AMD could use this client, which supports the Neoscrypt algorithm. However, after the last update of the functionality, the software works exclusively with AMD products.
  • ccMiner.A great option for owners of graphics adapters from Nvidia, providing maximum performance. The client is one of the most stable and supports absolutely all algorithms.

Download and install the program, you must configure the parameters. In order to do everything as competently as possible, as well as to unleash the full potential of the video adapter, the developers attach a special manual to the software.Having entered the optimal settings, you can start mining yourself or use a pool that will speed up the process of cryptocurrency mining.


Since it becomes more difficult to earn cryptocurrency using a video card, most miners began to unite into groups, which are commonly called pools.

how to earn cryptocurrency using a video card

Such groups use the total computing power to process information, and then divide the reward among themselves. At the moment, there is a huge number of pools to which people connect who know how to earn bitcoins on a video card, but do not want to become solo miners.

The most profitable pools

According to a Bitcoinworldwide study, the top five pools look like this:

  1. AntPool.This pool, whose server is located in China, is owned by BitMain. It accounts for 1/6 of all mined bitcoins.
  2. F2Pool.The pool server is deployed in China and produces 12% of all PTS.
  3. BitFury.A private pool that cannot be accessed. Three “farms” located in Georgia have an industrial scale, which makes it possible to mine 12% of all bitcoins.
  4. BwPool.Chinese pool, working for three years.It accounts for 8% of all PTS.
  5. VTSS.It has equipment that extracts 7% of all bitcoins. In addition to the pool, this resource has a Bitcoin exchange, which is the third largest in China.

how much does a video card earn per day

Knowing how to make money on a video card, you can connect to one of the listed pools (except BitFury) and join the process.

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How to make money on Bitcoin Mining on a video card 33

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