How to make juicy and tasty forcemeat for manti: recipes

To start a couple of words about the dish. After all, few of the modern young housewives have an idea of ​​what mantas are. And this dish of meat dough is a kind of pelmeni. It refers to the traditional eastern, more precisely Asian, cuisine. Prepare it in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. Analogies of it exist in Kazakh national cuisine. Such a treat also exists among the Siberian peoples. And in Mongolia, Korea, China, it is also served not only at home dinners, but also in large restaurants or modest food benches.

Manty and dumplings

From the first time, few people can cookdish as it should ideally be. There are many subtleties and nuances. The whole process consists of three "operations": correctly knead the dough, prepare the mince for the mantles and boil them. What are the main differences between food and traditional dumplings? Firstly, they are much larger than small, neat "bear's ears" (the second name for pelmeni). Secondly, they are cooked not in water, but on steam, a water bath. And, thirdly, the stuffing for mantles is very specific.minced meat

Technology of preparation

The most important thing that is necessary for the "right"dishes, - a special pan for boiling. It is called, respectively, "manti-cascade". Of course, there is not every landlady. But this does not mean that you should give up the idea of ​​making a treat and surprise your relatives. If you made minced meat for mantas, kneaded the dough and put up the products themselves, then you should take the largest saucepan, put a deep plate or dish in it, oil the bottom, put the "meat vareniki" in it, cover it with another plate, pour into the pan a little water, cover with a lid and put on a small fire. It's a little complicated, of course. But this until the hostess does not adjust. And then stuffing for manti will be obtained "as it should", and they themselves - even send them to the culinary exhibition!stuffing for mantle recipe

The recipe is classic for the dough

Having analyzed the main theses of the theory, we proceed topractice. Let's start with the test. Take 500 g of flour, half a cup of water, about a spoon of salt and egg. Mix the products from the steep elastic dough. Why this? Because the filling is put on very thinly rolled pieces, and it's important that they do not tear. Yes, and in the process of cooking not to become unstuck, did not crawl. The resultant dough rolled into a ball, cover and let it go, "rest". Then cut the small pieces of bread from the main piece, mash it, roll it into layers in the thickness of a millimeter, cut large squares from them, about 10 x 10. And while the dough is infused, it is possible to make minced meat for manti (see below for a recipe).

how to make stuffing for manti

The recipe is classic for minced meat

Traditionally, it is made from lamb or sheepmeat. Also as an important component is the interior fat or kurdjuk (it grows in these animals in the region of the caudal vertebrae). Plus a lot of different seasonings. Thus, to make minced meat for manti, the recipe recommends: finely chop half a kilogram of onions, and cut small pieces of 1 kilogram of meat in small pieces. If not cut, then pass through a meat grinder with a large grate. In this, too, by the way, the difference between manti and pelmeni: for those minced meat it is well ground into a homogeneous mass. Now bacon: take about 150 grams and chop it too finely. Why approximately: it can be needed and more, because in every "varenik" is put and stuffing, and greasy slice. Set the cutting aside. In the stuffing for manti recipe advises, in addition to onions, generously add pepper and spices: marjoram, coriander, basil. Pour in half a cup of highly salted water. In dumplings this is not required. And in this dish, liquid is needed to make juicy stuffing for manti.

how to prepare minced meat

Lepish, cook, serve

When everything is ready, you can start stuffingdough. To do this, put the meat in the center of each square, add a piece of fat and crunch so that the filling does not fall out. Finished products cover with a napkin and let them stand for 10 minutes. Then cook for 40-45 minutes. To serve them should be hot, sprinkled with chopped greens. As a filling, sour cream, mayonnaise, strong meat broth, flavored with pepper, can be chosen. In addition, put mustard, horseradish and slightly diluted with boiled water, vinegar and pepper.

Important clarification

About how to cook mantas for a couple, we told. However, the process can be accelerated if you do this: well, in the deep frying pan, heat oil, put in them "varenichki", fry to a crust. And then put it on a plate, put it in a saucepan and steam it no longer 45 minutes, and half less - 25-20. By the way, it turns out in this case the dish is much tastier and looks more appetizing.

minced meat for pork mantels

Varieties of stuffing

The mistresses may have a legitimate question: how to make stuffing for manti not from mutton, but from other types of meat? After all, the East, like Asia, is a delicate matter. A European citizen may not like the smell of a sheep. And guinea pigs or veal are much more familiar. In this case, the exotic traditions should be approached creatively. And make minced meat for pork mantels. Its plus is that such meat is softer than lamb. Choose a pulp easier, but with a little fat. And buy lard separately. You can even already salty. Or smoked - to whom that is more suitable. And then proceed on the already familiar algorithm.

Recipe with variations

It is also worth discussing how to prepare minced meat formanti not from meat, but from vegetables. Yes, this dish can also be vegetarian. More precisely, almost. As the filling use potatoes, pumpkin, carrots. Or fruit - apples, grapes, quince.juicy stuffing for manti

  • If the dish is cooked from a pumpkin, take it wellripe, but unsweetened varieties. Cut into slices, peel, then chop each slice into small pieces. Several heads of onions chop, you can lightly fry it, salt. Mix with the pumpkin. Separately, cut 250-300 grams of fat. You can immediately connect it with the filling, and you can report separately in pieces when you start filling the dough with dough. Just do not forget about spices, they are necessary to make the taste of manti more full, because the pumpkin itself is fresh. And seasonings for aroma put. Before cooking, necessarily fry - so it will taste better.
  • Manty potato. To make them, you need one and a half kilograms of root crops, 3-4 large onions, salt, pepper, spices to taste. Fat take smoked or fat - a pound. Raw potatoes are cleaned and finely cut into cubes, as for salad "Olivier" or vinaigrette. So do with onion and bacon. If the onion is caustic, beat with boiling water and wring out - the bitterness will go away. Stir all the ingredients, add a little salt, be sure to sharp ground pepper. Put the filling into the dough and cook until ready. They are served to them, as well as to pumpkin manti, sour cream, sour cream sauce. It is tasty with ketchup or tomato sauce. Ideally, you can make a special one, just like what is brewed in Asian countries.

Mantel Sauce

various stuffing for mantiSo, the sauce is tomato, spicy. For him, cut a half kilogram of ripe sweet tomatoes, 3 onions. Onion fry in a small amount of vegetable oil. Add the tomatoes. Stew on a small fire, under the lid, until the peel begins to separate from the pulp. Then season with salt, add the chopped pepper pod (if desired, but the recipe says so), a pinch of fennel seeds, a little water. And put out a little more, so that the sauce is medium in consistency consistency. At the very end, add finely chopped marjoram (fresh) and a few cloves of garlic. If you want, put a little sugar.

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How to make juicy and tasty forcemeat for manti: recipes How to make juicy and tasty forcemeat for manti: recipes How to make juicy and tasty forcemeat for manti: recipes How to make juicy and tasty forcemeat for manti: recipes How to make juicy and tasty forcemeat for manti: recipes How to make juicy and tasty forcemeat for manti: recipes