How to make Hard Reset on Android: detailed instructions

"Android" is an excellent operating system witha lot of features and capabilities that is created for mobile devices. Clear interface, open source code and democracy - these are the main advantages of this shell, over which the developers of the company "Google" work tirelessly. Users have extensive opportunities to modify the platform, download new applications, install launchers and others. And if you still get root rights (advanced administrator rights), you can completely change the system to an unrecognizable form. If desired, you can always make a factory reset (Hard Reset), and the gadget will be as new. In this publication, we'll talk about how to make Hard Reset on Android and why this, in principle, may be needed.

Why make a Hard Reset?

Before proceeding to such a procedure, I would likewould say a few words about what it includes, what is fraught with and why it can come in handy to the user. Hard Reset is a complete reset of the settings, that is, you return the system state to its original form. As a rule, in this form you buy a new device. First of all, the Hard Reset will be needed by the device owner when selling it. This method is much simpler than trying to find out all user data and delete them, besides, resetting the settings guarantees full clearing of the cache and other digital garbage. Hard Reset is used as a panacea for various malfunctions. For example, a smartphone can hang, slow down, produce various errors. In this case, you can "cheer" the system with a reset. Finally, Hard Reset is an exit if you forget the graphic or numeric password from the screen lock. So how do I make a hard reset on Android?

how to make hard reset on android

Personal data upon reset

A significant disadvantage of this procedure isthat when reset to the factory settings, all user settings, applications, personal data, saved accounts, logins, passwords and all information that was stored in the phone's memory are deleted. Only the data that is stored on the memory card will remain, it lives its own life, as they say, and the only way to make corrections to its contents is to format or purposefully edit the information that it includes. Sometimes, resetting the settings has to be done in an unpredictable situation (as in the case of a broken or forgotten password), and in order not to lose important information, make a backup copy of it. A great way to preserve personal information for all users of Android is the Google cloud and similar resources, but this should be taken care of in advance, because after Hard Reset the information is no longer subject to recovery.

hard reset on android tablet

How to make a hard reset on Android?

There are several ways to conduct a similar procedure. We will tell you a little about each of them.

If you need to reset the settings, for example,or a forgotten password, the next way is for you. It is the most difficult, because it requires the user to visit Recovery mode (a small console for loading the operating system and resetting the settings). For each device model, the way to get into this console is different. First you need to turn off the device. Then press a certain combination of buttons. For example, if you do not know how to make a Samsung Hard Reset, a combination of power buttons (which is also a lock button) and a decrease in volume are suitable. This is the most common combination and is suitable for most models of modern smartphones. The next most popular combination is power + volume increase or the same combination with the "home" button (the central button below the display).

how to make hard reset prestigio

"Recover" mode

If you see the "Android" logo on the screen, andthen - a black screen with a list of actions, then you are in the console. Now you need to select the wipe data / factory reset option. There are not a lot of items, so it will not be difficult. Switch over the list using the buttons that adjust the volume of the sound. Long press the lock button you confirm the selection. Resetting the settings to the factory settings is carried out, and you are returned to the original menu. Now you just need to return to normal mode by rebooting. To do this, select Reboot System. How to make Hard Reset HTC and other models? Yes, in the same way, if the device is running OS "Android".

how to make hard reset samsung

Reset with "Settings"

If you have nothing wrong with the systemhappened and you can quite get to the "Settings" of "Android", then this way is for you. On the latest versions there is a point "Recovery and reset". Now click "Reset Settings". You will have the opportunity to read another message that the data will be deleted, and it's good to think whether you need it. If everything suits you - once again confirm the action, and everything is ready. If you are interested in how to make a Hard Reset on an Android tablet, then this method should also suit you. In extreme cases, use the previous version, but getting into the "recovery" mode on the tablets is quite difficult.

Reset to factory settings using the code

Few "Android" users know thatmany important operations can be performed using a series of digital codes that are dialed on the dialer (the panel for entering the phone number). That is, you simply type a certain code so if you dialed a regular number, and the system responds accordingly. Enter the code * 2767 * 3855 #, * # * # 7378423 # * # * or * # * # 7780 # * # * dependingfrom the gadget model, and your settings will be immediately reset without any further confirmation. So think carefully before you type one of the codes. This method is good for its speed and what is suitable even for Chinese "Androids." If you do not know how to make a Hard Reset Prestigio - it's a great option. Such codes exist for other functions and have been developed for testing devices.

how to make hard reset htc

That's all. Now you know how to make Hard Reset on Android. The main thing is to do it with the mind, slowly and with due consideration for all the consequences.

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How to make Hard Reset on Android: detailed instructions How to make Hard Reset on Android: detailed instructions How to make Hard Reset on Android: detailed instructions How to make Hard Reset on Android: detailed instructions How to make Hard Reset on Android: detailed instructions How to make Hard Reset on Android: detailed instructions