How to take green coffee?

Julia Agafonova
Julia Agafonova
October 20, 2014
How to take green coffee?

Until recently, green coffee was an unexplored product. Today it is so popular that you can find a lot of tips on its correct use. The main thing - in our material.

Green coffee can be drunk both raw and fried. At the same time useful and taste will be different. Unroasted coffee has a rich, grassy taste; roasted green coffee will have a tart taste and aroma. If you need to get the maximum of useful substances that help lose weight or cleanse the body of unnecessary waste and toxins, it is better to use unroasted green coffee.

Preparation for use

Before use, green coffee must be roasted (if required by the recipe for use), grind and cook.

Roasting coffee should not be long, the color of the green beans should be slightly olive. In order for coffee to retain its beneficial properties, the intensity of the color of the beans during frying should be minimal.

Grinding green coffee is somewhat different from the process of grinding black coffee.Green grains in a manual mill like a mill are best suited for thorough grinding.

Green coffee brewing has its own distinctive features in comparison with classic black coffee brewing. And here it does not matter where you cook it: in a coffee machine, frenchpress or Turk. It is important to observe the procedure for filling ground grains, a small water temperature, as well as slow heating during cooking.

After going through all the procedures for making green coffee, carefully read how to take green coffee for the purpose of healing.

How to take green coffee

Green coffee is more of a health drink. Excessive use of it will not cure you faster, do not get rid of excess weight in a day or two and will not reduce the pressure in two doses. It is important to systematically use green coffee before breakfast, as well as between lunch or dinner. With the correct intake of this drink, the term of its use can be individual, as 3-6 months, and up to a year.

The maximum number of cups of green coffee for health benefits is 2-3 per day. Doctors advise anyone who suffers from hypertension, diabetes, or heart disease, first consult with your doctor. Here are some important rules for admission:

  • if you suffer from insomnia, stop taking coffee in the evening,
  • coffee to lose weight need to drink without sugar, cream and milk,
  • it is best to drink green coffee 20 minutes before meals,
  • thick from drinking green coffee can be an excellent lifting for the skin of the face.

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