How to make furniture in minecraft?

Svetlana Noskova
Svetlana Noskova
February 12, 2013
How to make furniture in minecraft?

A set of pieces of furniture that can be “crafted” in Minecraft is very small: a bed, a chest and a bookshelf. If you put two chests next to each other, they will unite into a large chest. These four things limit the ability to craft furniture. However, this does not mean that the furniture in the game can not be done. We use fantasy.

If you use fantasy, then with the help of a combination of things available for Kraft, you can assemble, as from the designer of lego, a huge number of different items that visually will resemble chairs, sofas, etc. Of course, they will not perform any practical function (since the characters cannot sit or eat from the table), but such furniture will embellish your home in the game.

List of required items

So, before you make furniture in minecraft, you need the following items:

  • wooden steps;
  • wooden fence;
  • signs;
  • pistons;
  • levers;
  • iron blocks;
  • wooden pressure plates;
  • iron doors
  • buttons;
  • distributor;
  • red dust;
  • stairs.

Collected items, create furniture.

From these materials you can assemble a sofa, an armchair, a bunk bed, two types of tables and a refrigerator.

  • Armchair. Put the step, and on the sides of it, place two plates.
  • Sofa. Put two or more steps along the same line (to make a pair of long steps). Secure the construction with two plates on the sides.
  • Table. The most ordinary table is a single section of the fence (which, if you do not put other sections next to it, looks like a column), at the top, with which the pressure plate is installed. To make an “advanced” table, dig a hole 1x1x1, into which you want to insert a piston. If a lever is placed on the surface with a piston now, then the “table” will move out of the ground when the lever is activated, and hide back when reactivated. You can also put a pressure plate that will push the "table" when you approach it, and hide it when you move away.
  • Bunk bed. Build a wall two blocks high and one block thick. Remove the two lower blocks and place a bed under the remaining blocks (which is “crafted” on the workbench).Now attach the ladder to the end of the construction above the bed. Put the second bed on top of the wooden blocks.
  • Fridge. Put the iron block. Place the dispenser on top and fill it with food. Put an iron door in front of the design. To the left or right of the iron side, place any other block on top of which apply red dust. On the left and right of the door, put two any blocks on top of each other. On the upper unit, which is located next to the door and behind which there is a block with red dust, place the button. Now, when you click on it, the door will open and one of the dishes placed in it will randomly fly out of the dispenser.

Now you know how to make furniture in minecraft. In addition, you can try to create your own design.

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