How to make a toy on hand?

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How to make a toy on hand?

Many children love to go to the puppet theater and watch interesting and memorable performances with the participation of dolls. Why not make such a toy yourself and arrange an improvised puppet theater at home? It will be not only entertainment for the child, but also an opportunity to show their creative abilities, imagination.

How to make a toy on hand: instructions

To begin with, sew a few simple dolls - the most common characters of Russian fairy tales, for example, a hare, a bear, a chanterelle, a wolf, a rooster. You can combine toys and show different tales. For the manufacture of toys on hand you need the following:

  • scraps of multi-colored fabric (at least 4 colors);
  • application of the animal's face - you can make it in advance or buy it ready;
  • some filler, for example, a synthetic winterizer, - you will need it for packinga toydoll heads;
  • several buttons to decorate clothes toys (optional);
  • a small plastic container with beads - it will play the role of a rattle and allow your doll to "talk"; You can take the box from the boot covers or from the kinder surprise;
  • thread, scissors.

Operating procedure

First you need to cut out all the details. You can tailor details arbitrarily or use patterns from the Internet. Cut out details from a matched multi-colored fabric. For example, for a wolf it may be a fabric of gray and blue edemas, for a fox - red and orange. Clothing in animals can be of any color. It all depends on your imagination. Approximate details for cutting such:

  • head - circle with a diameter of about 10 cm - 2 parts; an appliqué of an animal muzzle is sewn onto the face of the head;
  • feet - 6x7 cm, oval - 4 parts;
  • ears - 5x5 cm, the form pointed upwards - 4 parts;
  • clothes (dress, shirt) - 15x18 cm, 2 details; on the top of the shirt it is necessary to cut corners to sew paws.

Further, the algorithm for making toys is:

  1. Sew all the details from the wrong side. Leave the bottom cuts of the paws and ears unstitched; leave cuts on the head at the place of the ears and neck.
  2. Process the bottom edge of the dress in a dense zigzag stitching.
  3. Sew on the dress of the paw, fill your ears and sew to the head.
  4. Stuff your head and insert the rattle container.
  5. Sew the head to the dress.
  6. Sew decorations: bows, buttons, beads.
  7. Handle seams, remove excess thread.

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