How to make a suspended ceiling with your own hands?

In the building materials market today you can find all sorts of goods for repairs.

Positive qualities of PVC materials

The main advantages of modern innovation are ease of use and durability, as well as durability. But not in all cases it concerns the practicality of the cost issue. In this case, finishing materials that are made of PVC are leading in terms of profitability.

suspended ceiling do-it-yourself

These products allow in a short time and without the application of an excessive amount of effort to produce a covering of the ceilings of a room for any purpose. At the same time there will be no need to spend money on leveling the surface and invest additional funds for installation work. A suspended ceiling with your own hands can be mounted even if you do not have the relevant repair experience behind you. For this kind of manipulation it will be necessary to prepare some tools, PVC panels, as well as mounting elements.

Preparatory work

how to make a suspended ceiling do it yourself

Do not install a curtain ceiling with your own hands if you do not prepare a screwdriver that can be replaced with a slow-speed drill. It will be necessary to prepare a tape measure, level, barrels, hammer, as well as a construction knife. PVC will be used as finishing materials. According to the standards, these products can have a width equal to 25 or 50 cm. The area of ​​all package elements is the main parameter when purchasing. Before work it is necessary to calculate how much material will be needed to finish the ceiling of the room. After the calculations, the volume of material should be increased by 15%, which will be spent on trimming. In order to fix the panels on the surface, it is necessary to use fasteners, as well as to mount the frame system.

Features of the work

installing a suspended ceiling do it yourself

Hinged ceiling of plastic panels with their own hands should be mounted very carefully, it is worth considering that PVC panels have softness and brittleness, this indicates that for strong fastening it will be necessary to prepare a sufficiently reliable frame that has a frequent crate.Along the perimeter of the room, it will be necessary to install a profile that is U-shaped and made of plastic. The edges of the products will be turned into it. An alternative option could be a ceiling plinth for PVC panels, which has a groove in the shape of the letter P. A similar plinth is a design in which the groove has two parts for easier installation. To install the batten, it is permissible to use a wooden bar, the cross section of which is equal to 20 x 40 millimeters. Suspended ceiling in the bathroom with their own hands can be mounted using a steel profile, which is used for installation of drywall.

Recommendations for the use of wooden crates

hanging ceiling in the bathroom do it yourself

If the work is performed in rooms with high humidity according to the type of bathroom or kitchen, then you should not use a wooden bar. Wooden lathing is easier to install, which is why it is preferable to use it when installing panels in the premises of all other purposes, for example, in the living room and bedroom. The wooden elements of the frame will have to be treated in advance with antiseptic compounds, as well as flame retardants, which will increase the duration of operation of the system and ensure fire safety.

The choice of profile for the arrangement of the suspended ceiling

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Among other things, the suspended ceiling with its own hands from drywall can be equipped with aluminum and plastic profiles. If the work is supposed to be done with a surface that has insignificant differences of up to 5 millimeters, then installation can be quite simple. To ensure easier work will be a profile that has special grooves located in the center. Hardware should be prepared plastic dowels, as well as nails-screws. An alternative solution may be anchors with a wedge for driving. With them, you can fix the frame system, as well as profiles along the perimeter of the ceiling and walls. The frame itself will need to be assembled using screws with a drill bit for a steel profile and wood screws for a bar. The suspended ceiling with lights can be mounted with screws with a press washer or steel clips.

Features of the preparatory work

suspended ceiling plastic panels do it yourself

The surface should first be analyzed for the presence of damaged plaster or putty, as well as the remnants of old finishing materials or whitewash.The base should be strong, it should be well primed, only after you can proceed to the layout for the installation of the frame. What is necessary to draw a line across the entire room on the walls, which will mark a single level of the future system.

Do-it-yourself suspended ceiling ceilings should be installed at such a distance from the draft ceiling so that the space obtained is sufficient to install lighting fixtures and laying communications, among other things, the unevenness of the ceiling should be hidden. Under wiring, it is necessary to take into account the presence of a groove, which will be located between the edge of the frame, as well as the ceiling, its thickness should be 2 cm.

Level of installation of the hinged system

installing a suspended ceiling do it yourself

Installing a suspended ceiling with your own hands involves providing a gap for future communications and wiring that you need to provide during marking. As soon as a mark is placed, it can be transferred to the other walls using the water level.In order to mark the lines around the perimeter of the room, you can use a string that must be processed with chalk. Pressing it against the wall, you will need to take a little, and then release. As a result, a line will remain on the wall, after which the perimeter will be determined. Then you can begin to mark the location of the supporting elements of the frame.

Do-it-yourself suspended ceiling ceilings, photos of which are presented in the article, should be mounted using bars or profiles that should be perpendicular to the direction of PVC panels, the distance between them should vary within 50 cm. If this distance is longer, the panels can sag during operation.

Carrying out the installation of the frame

If the crate is plastic, then a hacksaw and block should be used for joining profiles in the corners. The profiles should be fixed every 30 cm. For easier installation of the frame, it is necessary to stretch the thread across the ceiling so that it forms a single plane with the upper edge of the profile. Installation of a suspended ceiling with their own hands may be accompanied by the installation of a wooden frame.In this case, the beam should be fixed to the ceiling with the help of impact screws and dowels, installing fasteners every 60 cm. To bring them to one level along the bottom edge, use gaskets between the fasteners and the ceiling.

Another option is a steel profile. Its attachment should be carried out using U-shaped elements, which are located every 60-80 cm. It is preferable to mount to the ceiling using anchors, while profiles should be strengthened with screws. It is not necessary to install jumpers between the carriers of the frame, but their use will be necessary in areas where it is necessary to fix something heavy by the type of lighting device.

Fire safety

When you install a hinged ceiling with your own hands, at the final stage of the installation of the frame, the power cables for lighting are laid. When PVC panels are used in finishing, the wires must be laid in the corrugation to ensure fire safety. In those places where it is supposed to mount spotlights, it will be necessary to leave loops that are 15 cm long.

Installation of PVC panels

Installing a suspended ceiling with your own hands, you need to bring the frame into a single level, then you can begin the installation of suspended ceilings. It is not so difficult, but very responsible. The starting strip of the material must be brought into the U-shaped profile. Some experts remove the latch on the edge of the main strip. As soon as the strip is in place, it needs to be fixed with screws or clips to the support profiles of the frame.

If you are thinking about how to make a suspended ceiling with your own hands, then you should definitely know how to trim the strip to the desired size. To do this, you can use a hacksaw, which can be replaced with a simple knife. It is necessary to leave a gap between the walls and the strip, whose width should be equal to 5 millimeters from each end. The next lane should be attached to the lock with an angle, this will allow to bring the element along its entire length. Then you can press the second side and strengthen the element with screws.

Secrets of installing trim on the ceiling surface

In order to sufficiently tightly reduce the stripes, you should use a bar that is inserted into the groove, so that you can hit it with a hammer until it stops.Do not bend the strip or apply too much effort during installation, as the material can be damaged. Difficulty may arise when mounting the last strip. At the same time it can be turned over the lock in the other direction and cut along the length. The canvas should be attached to the previous panel, and then fixed with screws. When using collapsible plinths, it is preferable to trim the panel to the width and snap the lock with the previous stripe. If it is intended to mount a spotlight in the system, it must be thought out in advance, cutting a hole before the web is installed.


After you have managed to make a suspended ceiling with your own hands, you can begin finishing the finish. When using a U-shaped profile, a baseboard should be mounted around the perimeter. It is preferable to fix it on liquid nails. Apply the composition to one side of the plinth. The element is fixed only to the wall or only to the ceiling.

If a collapsible plinth is used, it is necessary to simply snap it. In the corners can be applied special couplings, you can use another option, in which the groove is treated with sealant. The latter must be selected in accordance with the color of the finish.In advance in the marked places it is necessary to make holes for the withdrawal of communications or for the installation of spotlights. This work can be done during the installation of the stream itself. At the last stage, lamps and the necessary equipment should be installed. It is recommended to adhere to the rules when installing a suspended ceiling in the bathroom. Low-voltage lighting fixtures should be used that have a converter instead of the usual circuit using 220 volts.

The ceiling, made of plastic, is not afraid of moisture, but you can protect yourself from the effects of flooding from the top of the neighbors. Panel mounted ceiling system allows you to save money and get the design of the room in an elegant style.

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