How to make a subwoofer with your own hands?

Many music lovers came across such aproblem, like the lack of a high-quality audio system at home. For those people who have financial problems, it is often problematic to acquire good musical acoustics, and they are thinking how to make a subwoofer with their own hands. In this case, you can make your own, made from what you find at home. To do this, you just have to buy a special column, the price of which is an order of magnitude smaller than the subwoofer itself.

How to make a subwoofer with your own hands? The most optimal and probably functional option will be a subwoofer inactive plan. Such a device does not need an additional installed amplifier. All work on such a thing boils down to the usual fabrication of the frame and the placement of a subwoofer speaker in it.

In order to get started and make your ownFirst of all, it is necessary to select the appropriate speaker for the subwoofer. Naturally, the volume of your future subwoofer will depend directly on the power of the device. It's not important whether you bought a speaker for a long time or not, the most important thing is the availability of all the necessary functional indicators that will help to make a subwoofer correctly. The whole point is that the parameters of the future skeleton for the SAB will always depend on the power of the dynamics. In order for everything to work out perfectly, you need to know three parameters of the dynamics: the frequency of resonance when the speaker is operating in an open area, the fullness of this speaker, and the equivalent volume. All these characteristics are necessarily prescribed in the documentation, which goes with the speaker when selling and buying. Thus, it is preferable to use the device purchased in the store. But even bought on the "flea market" the cheapest speaker will also come down.

The next step is to design thedimensions of the subwoofer box. In order to make it easier, you need to use a special program called WinISD, which knows how to make a subwoofer with your own hands. This computer program will make it much easier to set the right dimensions for the future subwoofer. When you first start the program on your computer, it will require you to enter the speaker settings (described above). By entering them into the program, you can calculate four different views for the body of the future subwoofer. For example, in this article only one species will be considered, but the most powerful of all is a sixth order bandpass.

This type of enclosure is a cubical rectangularan object. How to make a subwoofer of this type with your own hands? Very simple. The speaker is attached to a single jumper, which is located inside such a case. In order to be able to install the phasio-inverter chambers, there are several holes in the case. Since such cameras are not available for a simple user, then they will be replaced by ordinary metal tubes, a little polythene and paper. Maximum tightness of such a casing will give the future subwoofer a better sound. To improve the tightness of the case, it is reinforced with foam rubber and felt. The cover of the subwoofer must be very tightly fastened, for which it is usually also reinforced with the same materials as the case itself.

Then everything depends on the correct reproductionsuch a design for life. The more successful it will be to repeat the model that the program will create, the better your subwoofer will be. The program for creating a subwoofer enclosure, you can download on the Internet, typing in any search engine, its name. Download can be absolutely free, so do not waste time.

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How to make a subwoofer with your own hands How to make a subwoofer with your own hands How to make a subwoofer with your own hands How to make a subwoofer with your own hands How to make a subwoofer with your own hands How to make a subwoofer with your own hands