How to make a sticker?

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How to make a sticker?

Many people remember how various stickers were popular among children and teenagers. Now they have become less popular, however, there are many fans who collect stickers, stickers and other pleasant things. Next, we will look at how to make a sticker with your own hands at home.

How to make a sticker

In order to make a sticker at home, you first need a printing printer, a few sheets of paper, scissors, tape and a container of water.

  1. First, find a suitable image that will serve you to create a sticker.
  2. Print it on a piece of paper in such a size that it is no larger than an area of ​​tape.
  3. Cut a small strip of adhesive tape and attach it to the sticker.
  4. Iron the scotch tape and make sure that there are no non-glued sections and strips on the strip.
  5. Next you need to cut the workpiece.
  6. Fill a small container with water at room temperature. Lower the blank into it and attach the object on topto press the workpiece to the bottom of the tank.
  7. Wait 10-15 minutes.
  8. Take out the blank and remove the paper from the film with gentle movements. You shouldn’t put pressure on the paper too much, as it has already been soaked, so it’s easy to keep up with the sticker.
  9. Clean the label completely from the paper and let it dry for 15 minutes.

The sticker is ready and can be glued to the refrigerator, cupboard or any other flat surface. Now consider another way to create stickers.

Making a sticker with your own hands

The sticker is, in fact, the same sticker, but more difficult to manufacture, while capable of making a strong impression.

To create a sticker, you also need, as in the previous case, to start by finding the right image. In addition, you will need to use a special program, for example, CorelDRAW, to make a vector image. You can do it yourself or contact a printing company that will create an image layout for you. Then you can proceed directly to the manufacture of a sticker.

  • In a specialized store or in the same printing company buy vinyl tape.The choice should be stopped on Oracal or Avery films, choose the color to your taste;
  • Next, you will need to put on the film the selected image. Please note that the reverse side of the film is divided into squares, so it is better to transfer the image in parts;sticker sticker
  • The resulting sticker can be cut with ordinary scissors;
  • In order to stick a sticker, use a special mounting film. Attach the sticker to the surface and secure it with a mounting film. The film will capture the individual elements of the image;
  • Be sure to wipe the surface with a dry cloth to get rid of dust;
  • After attaching the sticker to the wall, attach the overlayed top mounting tape with tape. Iron the sticker with a scratch pad or any other suitable tool;
  • When you remove the sticker backing, as well as the wrap film, do not forget to also iron the sticker so that it lies flat on the surface. Mounting film is better to pull down, and not perpendicular to the surface.

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