How to make a silencer?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
March 25, 2013
How to make a silencer?

The main cause of premature silencing failure is the constant presence of condensate in it, which causes corrosion. Although the automobile market is currently quite capacious, however, it is not so easy to find a quality muffler for a car. This is where the problem arises, how to make a silencer using your own available tools.

Necessary tools and accessories

The process of manufacturing the muffler is not too complicated. To begin with, you must present the configuration of this part and know what it consists of. It:

  • housing;
  • head;
  • two partitions;
  • two pipes.

What you may need:

  • electric welding with electrodes;
  • some parts from an old idle muffler;
  • special metal circle;
  • cutting machine;
  • powder extinguisher;
  • pipe sections with a diameter of 32 mm.

Two partitions are needed to give strength to the muffler. They must have special openings through which the exhaust gases will pass.The cistern can be the body of a used or expired powder fire extinguisher.

How to make a muffler with your own hands

  1. Unscrew the extinguisher head and expand the center hole. After which the tube is inserted there.
  2. For the second pipe, make the hole slightly shifted so that the pipe rests on the cylinder.
  3. Welding hole is cut, and the cylinder is placed in a horizontal position.
  4. At the ends of the first and second pipe machine need to cut through special slots.
  5. In order not to burn the bottle, carefully scald the pipe. It is best to use for this electrode 2.5 mm.
  6. From the old muffler with a machine cut off the attachment points. You will get extra metal thickness.
  7. Try on a new element on your car to outline the attachment points and carefully weld them.
  8. Hang the new muffler to align the structure and mark the joints.
  9. Cut the pipe according to the set marks and weld the structure.
  10. To check the quality of the seams, plug one end of the pipe and pour water into it. If there are no leaks, then all is well.

How to make a quiet silencer

The easiest way to combat excessive engine noise is to install the "banks". So motorists call the final muffler.It consists of a body with a pipe passing through it. In the case there is a filler from heat-resistant fiber, which is fixed by a fine mesh. It is installed between the standard muffler and the catalyst.

Cut between the muffler and the catalyst section of the pipe of the desired length, which is equal to the length of the "can" and remove the muffler. After that, install and secure the "banks" to the resonator using clamps. To seal the joint, use sheet asbestos.

For an additional effect, you can replace the resonator, which is installed on the car by the manufacturer, with the same “jar” with thermal filler.

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