How to make a pipe (in minecraft)?

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How to make a pipe (in minecraft)?

Pipes play a very important role in automation, crafting items, transportation and storage of resources in Minecraft. They connect to any repositories except the Chest Edge. With the help of pipes are created one of the most complex mechanisms and structures. Without their help, you will not be able to organize the rapid extraction of materials, build an automated plant or mine. But, unfortunately, without installing mods, it is impossible to craft a pipe.

From our article you will learn how to make a pipe in Minecraft.

Mods to create pipes

There are a lot of industrial mods (such as Build Craft, Indastrial Craft, Red Power, and so on) that help create pipes. Build Craft is one of the most popular building mods that add pipes to the game. It distributes and transports various resources through pipes, and also adds various types of machinery and engines. You can download.

Types of pipes

Pipes that appear in the game after installing this mod are divided into three types:

  • shipping pipes
  • waterproof pipes
  • electric pipes

Shipping pipes

Transport pipes are created in the same type: glass is taken as the basis for each pipe. On the sides of it have the material necessary for crafting (that is, to create, say, a wooden pipe, you will need one glass block and two wooden blocks).

Types of shipping pipes

Depending on the destination pipes of this type are divided into:

  • Wooden pipes (designed to remove objects from storage facilities and mechanisms. Direct replenishment is required).
  • Stone pipes (transport objects. In automatic systems, this is the base pipe).
  • Cobblestone pipes (perform the function of transporting objects, but cope with their task rather slowly).
  • Quartz pipes (the best version of the pipe to move objects, but quite expensive).
  • Gold pipes (give acceleration to the movement of objects passing through it).
  • Obsidian tubes (pick up the underlying objects. The range depends on the power supplied to the tube).
  • Iron pipes (change the direction of movement of objects).
  • Diamond pipes (very convenient for sorting).

Waterproof pipes

Liquid (waterproof) pipes can be wooden, iron, stone, cobblestone, emerald, gold, hollow and sandstone.They serve to transport liquids and have characteristics similar to transport in accordance with the material from which they are created. For crafting a liquid pipe, you will need a transport pipe from the necessary raw materials and a gasket.

Electric pipes

Motor (electric pipes) pipes are designed to conduct energy. They are created from the corresponding transport pipe and one unit of redstone. Electric pipes come in several forms:

  • wooden (designed to remove energy from the engine or energy storage);
  • cobble stones (spend up to 8 MJ / cycle);
  • quartz (up to 16 MJ / cycle);
  • stone (up to 64 MJ / cycle);
  • gold (up to 256 MJ / cycle);
  • diamond (up to 1024 MJ / cycle).

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