How to issue a paper?

Any good work involves the correct form of embodiment. If you want your essay to be appreciated, then you need to pay attention not only to its content. A well-written abstract is, first of all, convenient. Such work will leave a very good impression, which, according to the laws of the human psyche, will be transferred to your personality. In other words, if a person made an essay correctly and well, then surely he is correct and good in himself. Here is how it works. Proceeding from the above, today we will address with you, dear reader, how to correctly formulate the abstract, so that he speaks of you as a responsible and competent person.

Summary Design: Highlights

First of all, it should be noted that there is a unified state standard on which to work out. Let's look at its main points.

Definition of the abstract

Abstract - this is a small oral message, which is set out in writing.What is meant by "statement"? In the case of writing an essay, we say that its author sets out the content of any scientific work or a book read. The abstract is a theoretical work. The abstract is intended to demonstrate the knowledge of a student or a student and his level of knowledge of the analysis of scientific and methodological literature.

Subject for essay

The topic for the essay is chosen by the teacher and the students together in order to make the abstract correctly. The topic should be interesting for the student. For the abstract, 4-5 sources of literature are usually recommended. Often, teachers offer students a list of topics that can be chosen for the essay.

Stages of work on the essay

Recommend the following stages of work:

  • Identify and highlight the problem that is in this topic.
  • Examine the problem using the original sources.
  • Review selected reading literature.
  • Outline the material following your own logic.

Structure of the abstract

This is important, since it is impossible to correctly formulate the abstract without knowledge of its structure. Design your work according to the following principles so that it is correct:

  • The first part is the introduction.State the purpose and objectives of your work. Highlight the problem and also reflect its relevance. The estimated approximate amount of injection is 1-2 pages.
  • The main part is the second block in the structure of the abstract. Reflect your point of view on the problem, which is based on the analysis of scientific literature. Estimated volume of the main part - 12-15 pages.
  • Conclusion - the third structural unit of the abstract. In conclusion, it is necessary to draw conclusions and offer their recommendations on the problem. The most important thing is clarity and clarity of thought. The content of the conclusion is recommended to break into clear points. The conclusion is usually 1-3 pages.
  • The list of used literature is in alphabetical order.

Design of the essay: work with text

It is also important to know how to properly design an essay regarding the font format, page layout, design of headings.

  • Font size - 12-15 points.
  • Font - Times New Roman (normal).
  • Line spacing - 1.5-2.
  • The size of the left margin - 30mm
  • The size of the right field - 10mm
  • Top and bottom margins - 20mm

Do not put a period at the end of the title. All titles are made in bold.The first level header is 16 font. The heading of the second level is 14 font. And the title of the third level - 14 font, italics.

The distance between the end of a chapter or paragraph and the following heading is three intervals. After completing the work, it is necessary to create an automatic table of contents, as this will save your time and will meet the requirements for the design of the abstract. To make an automatic table of contents, it is necessary to put down all the chapters in your work, as headings of different levels. This is the correct design of the essay.

Text is printed on one side of the page. Links, notes indicate either in the text itself, or at the bottom of the page. For design links, you can use the standard tools of Microsoft Word.

All pages, without exception, should be numbered. Including the title page. Figures designating pages are usually placed at the top and in the center of the page. On the title page page number is not set. And believe that it is not less important to correctly form the title page than to issue the abstract itself, since This is a kind of "face" of your work. Remember that each new section must be started from a new page.

These are the basic rules for the correct creation and design of the abstract. You need to use these guidelines if you want to succeed in writing good work. The main thing in the abstract is the topic. Try to choose the topic that you really like.

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