How to make a paper butterfly?

Our topic today will appeal to very many! Let's try to decorate the interior or to entertain children, creating beautiful butterflies with their own hands from paper. This is a very interesting and exciting activity that will help you to take a break from the routine of everyday duties. Who knows, maybe trying yourself in various techniques, you can find the kind of needlework that will transform your life!

Do not be discouraged if you do not get elegant paper butterflies from the first time. Stencil for home art can be viewed.

Even the simplest paper butterfly can be a wonderful decoration. Origami perfectly embodies almost any fantasy. Detailed video tutorial can be obtained by clicking on.

Wireframe Butterfly

I would like to elaborate on handicrafts made in the simplest technique - cutting. Further we describe in detail how to make a paper butterfly. We will need:

  • pencil,
  • glue,
  • beautiful paper
  • wire,
  • pliers,
  • scissors.

Draw any shape you like with a pencil before cutting a paper butterfly. Create a loop of wire so that it was slightly smaller than the size of the upper part of the wing. In the same way we will form the lower part of the wire wing. Repeat the whole procedure for the opposite part of our decorative insect. Do not forget while neatly twisting the wire.

Now we glue the wings together from the paper of our beautiful butterfly, turning it over, we will attach wire blanks to these paper wings. Glue the wire frame to the paper. With a drop of glue and at the very center of the wire, we place another side of the paper wings on top of the wire skeleton. For greater strength, once again, we properly glue the wire with wings and leave all this beauty to dry. It is the wire that allows you to give the desired shape to the wings of butterflies. You can decorate a wall in your bedroom or living room with such adorable beauty butterflies.

How to cut a paper butterfly for a postcard

From the magazine sheet cut two squares. Let the first be large, and the second smaller. Next, we cut two strips, one longer, and the other shorter.The resulting squares are the wings for our future butterfly. Form a triangle by folding the square in half. Now we will carefully fold it in an accordion, starting from the middle. First we fold the triangle from the middle to one end, and then to the other. As a result, we have an accordion of two squares.

Next, we fold our magazine stripes several times. Literally before our eyes, more voluminous stripes are formed. Connecting together the two resulting squares, we wrap them with a small strip, pre-lubricated with glue. Now it's time to take a long striped. With the help of a pen, twist the tips and glue the resulting antennae to the body. Now it remains only to spread its wings. One stroke - and the butterfly took off!

You can use such butterflies to decorate various greeting cards, albums, frames for photos. Dare, and you will surely succeed!

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