How to make a member thicker?

To date, there are many methods to increase the thickness of the penis, but there are still very few completely safe ways to make a member thicker. Of course, I will give you the available options, but still, without extreme necessity, I do not advise resorting to most of them. To the majority, because there are still more or less acceptable options, but the effect from them is not always long-lasting and significant. So let's get started.

How to make a fat dick: surgery

Increasing the thickness of the penis surgically is a rather fashionable procedure today. Let's say right away: it does, of course, have an effect, but it cannot be fully predicted, although this surgical operation does not cause any special harm to health either. And here it lies in this: first, using liposuction, a certain amount of fat is pumped out of the abdomen, which is then injected into the base of the erect penis (after proper washing, of course). More of this fat will be absorbed by the male body (about 80%).This procedure can be repeated in six months or a year. But this in theory - in fact, the exact amount of absorbed (absorbed) fat will not undertake you to predict any serious surgeon. In addition, the collapsible fat - one that is not digested and survived, may well lead to some problems, for example, to the appearance of bumps on the skin of the penis. In addition, the operation often leads to a temporary loss of sensitivity of the penis and may even provoke any infection. For this reason, surgeons recommend to abstain from sex after surgery for at least two months. And of course, no one will give you guarantees that the subcutaneous fat introduced into your genital organ will not disappear without a trace after some time, because the body can redistribute it as it pleases.

How to make the penis thicker

Vacuum pump

In addition to the surgical method, there is such a device as a vacuum pump. Currently, this is probably the most affordable and popular method to increase the thickness and length of the penis. A vacuum pump is good because you can increase the thickness very quickly,as well as the length of your reproductive organ for a few centimeters, but the problem is that this result does not last long, so for men who want to surprise their lady with size, it is better to use the pump right before sexual intercourse. Nevertheless, I can not say about the danger of this method of increasing the thickness of the penis. If you use the pump incorrectly, you can get very unpleasant injuries of the penis. Of the other more or less safe methods, select massage penis. The effect of the massage as a whole is longer than that of most other methods, only it should be done correctly. You need to spend an average of 15-20 minutes a day on a massage (up to half an hour), and about how to do it, there is an excellent article describing as many as five ways that you can find here: "".


There are also various extenders - special devices that allow you to increase both the thickness and the length of the penis to a certain size. More details about extenders can be found here: "". As for the other methods, we will not bring them here, since they are simply dangerous.As a joke, some suggest putting a member even in a hive (although they themselves probably did not try), but I don’t even want to talk about what will happen to the body after such a procedure. Take care of yourself!

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