How to make a mash?

Our article today is devoted to Braga, or rather,how to make braga. The exact time of the discovery of this intoxicating drink is unknown, but there is no doubt that the ancient people knew the beer, and that it originated much earlier than the Middle Ages. From time immemorial, people knew how to make fun and invigorating drinks with the help of yeast. It is easy to do this at the present time, and even at home. Now I will tell youhow to put braga, and I will give quite simple ways of cooking it at home, for which you will need not too many products.

How to make braga: the first way

I note that beer is often drunk and as an independent drink, but with the help of special devices it is also used to make moonshine. There are several options for making home brew. In general, it can be said that it is not at all difficult to cook the mash. To begin, dissolve dry yeast in warm water and mix thoroughly. Now add sugar in the same container and then mix again to completely dissolve the sugar.Next, you need to put the resulting liquid in a warm place - the fermentation process will begin under the influence of heat. From time to time, watch the braga and see if it is not too foamy. As fermentation weakens, you can drink mash. Also, this state of home brew also testifies to its readiness for distillation of moonshine.

How to put Braga: the second way

Braga is also prepared using live yeast, not just dry, and this recipe is called classic. To do this, take a liter of water, a kilogram of sugar and 100 g of live yeast. First, properly dissolve the sugar in warm water, while constantly stirring. Make sure that the water was at room temperature, that is, within +25 degrees. Thus, you got a mash for mash (a wort is called a solution of sugar in water - often with the addition of various nutrients). Now cut the yeast into small pieces, chop well, mix with a small amount of sugar until a uniform mixture. Thus, we have prepared a leaven for our brew. As soon as the emission of gases begins, the leaven will be ready. Next, mix our sourdough with warm water, in which we previously dissolved sugar, cover the container with the contents of the lid and put it in a warm place.In this form, the mash should be 10-12 days, after which it will be fully prepared.

How to cook Braga: the third way

There are many ways to prepare home brew, and all because it can be very different, for example, similar to rose wine. This brag can be drunk with great pleasure, however, it is too intoxicating. Let's try making a similar drink. For this brew recipe, we need not only water, sugar and yeast, but also round rice and red currants. First, we dissolve a kilogram of granulated sugar in three liters of warm water, and then dissolve 25 g of dry yeast there. Now pour 400 g of round rice with this liquid. The rice needs to be chosen high-quality and clean, because it is not necessary to wash it before pouring So we have a leaven, which must be insisted for 10 days. After infusion, add about two or three tablespoons of red currant to the starter. Then again we put our beer insist for another 10 days. And only then a delicious intoxicating drink can be bottled and treated to others or to be helped by ourselves.

How to make braga: questions and answers

Those who want to learn how to cook braga often have different questions. And the most common question here is this: where does ethyl alcohol come from in Braga? It is easy to answer it: alcohol is obtained due to the fact that yeast, feeding on sugar, distinguishes it as a waste product. The most interesting thing is that the yeast dies as soon as the content of ethanol (ethyl alcohol) reaches 12%. Yeast is simply unable to survive with such a high concentration of alcohol. Also note that alcohol can only be obtained from various sugars and nothing else. As for the tips on cooking the mash, we note that the mash obtained with the help of fruit and berry raw materials will always be better and, more importantly, tastier than the one made from sugar and yeast. Often there is such a question: what is the optimal content of yeast in the water for preparing brew? It is believed that the best home brew is obtained at this ratio: 100 grams of live yeast or 20-25 grams of dry yeast per 1 liter of water. Also note that some craftsmen add fertilizer to the yeast - nitrogen and phosphorus-containing minerals.This is done to ensure that the wort is faster fermented. The advantage of fruits and berries is that when using them, fertilizing is not needed.

Some useful tips

First, never pour the wort into the container to the top - it is best to leave about a quarter of free space. Secondly, ready-made mash is easy to determine by taste. Braga is ready when all the sugar is dissolved, which means there will be no sweet taste left. If the mash starts to foment strongly, you can add a little sunflower oil or sprinkle it on top with pounded cookies. Well helps and cooling. Try to keep ready-made home brew in the cold and, naturally, without air access. If you keep the mash longer than 2 days, its quality will begin to decline steadily.

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