How to make a man out of paper?

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How to make a man out of paper?

Folding paper figures without using scissors and glue, or in another way, origami is a fascinating activity for children and adults. In deft hands, an ordinary piece of paper can turn into a flower, an animal, and even a person.

How to make a paper man: instruction

All you need is just a square piece of paper of any color.

  1. First you need to outline the folds of the paper. This requires bending and unbending the sheet in certain places. Namely: bend the sheet in half (bottom up), and also diagonally on both sides.
  2. Before you should lie a unfolded piece of paper with lines outlined from the kinks. Now fold the sheet in half (bottom up) to the first fold line and fold it again.human
  3. Then you need to bend in half all the formed rectangles. The result should be an accordion of four ridges.
  4. Similarly, you need to get an accordion from the top of the sheet.
  5. Then straighten the sheet and turn it ninety degrees.
  6. It is required to get a harmonica again along the entire length of the sheet - repeat the above operation.
  7. Spread the sheet again.
  8. Wrap the bottom, top, and side ridges towards you using diagonal bends (sharp ends should be obtained).
  9. Continue the folding technique to the very center. At the end should be a cross.
  10. Next, completely flatten the top of the shape from the center.
  11. With the help of kinks, you need to shape the body and arms: fold the paper along the marked lines.
  12. Then flip the workpiece.
  13. Lower the resulting arms along the length of the figure and do the same with the legs.
  14. Pull the torso down and shape the head.
  15. Bend your arms slightly forward and bend them in elbows.
  16. Using the bends, straighten your palms.
  17. Bend your knees and straighten your feet.
  18. The resulting man can decorate, as well as make paper additions to the figure. Ideas can be found in the article What can you do with your own hands from paper.

Winged valentine

We also want to share with you another scheme - a winged valentine. For origami, you need a square sheet of paper, preferably red or pink.

  1. humanFold the sheet in half in both directions, and then smooth the paper.
  2. Then you need to fold to the middle of the upper and lower parts of the square.
  3. Expand the sheet again and turn it over (color side down).
  4. Wrap the bottom of the paper away from the center.
  5. Turn the workpiece and bend the bottom corners to the center.
  6. Invert the workpiece again and bend the sides to the center.
  7. Next, you need to expand the workpiece and lay down at the base of the lower triangle.
  8. Deploy the stock again.
  9. Fold the sides of the square to the center (the colored part of the paper should be inside).
  10. Turn the bottom corners to the first straight line to form a triangle.
  11. Next you want to expand the bottom of the workpiece.
  12. Pull the bottom corners up on both sides and fold along the fold line.
  13. Then pull the bottom of the workpiece towards the center. You should get a figure that looks like a boat.
  14. Two squares formed at the top need to bend the corners down.
  15. Then wrap the top of the corners down.
  16. The heart is ready, it remains to arrange the wings. To do this, wrap the rest of the paper with an accordion.

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