How to make a knight's costume with your own hands

Usually on the eve of the New Year or anotherholiday parents are looking for examples of unusual outfits of fairy-tale characters or other characters for their children. Many people prefer to make everything themselves. It will be cheaper, and sometimes there is simply no time to go shopping, if the child has suddenly told that he needs an outfit for the school play tomorrow. The main thing is not to panic. Learn useful tips on how to make a knight costume yourself with the available materials quickly and without much experience, and get to work.

knight's costume

Methods of execution

It is necessary to immediately decide how you will create an outfit. There are two options:

  1. Run everything from scratch.
  2. Make a kit based on the available clothes, adding it to the characteristic accessories.

Sew a knight's costume with your own hands first methodIt's worth it when you have enough time and already have experience in making clothes. The second way is recommended for beginner needlewomen or those who have no time to engage in creativity, and it is not possible to buy a ready-made outfit for some reason.

New Year's costume of a knight with his own hands

The outfit itself, or rather the hero's image, will be created from such details:

  • A cloak, tunic or other piece of clothing that simulates armor or has the sign of a knightly order.
  • Helmet.
  • Shield.
  • Sword.

All the rest can be easily assembled from the clothes available to the child or (if time and experience exists) is sewn from the appropriate materials. This applies to pants, turtlenecks and shoes (usually boots).

how to make a knight costume

Materials and Tools

To make a knight's costume with your own hands, you will need the following:

  • Fabric of suitable color.
  • Cardboard for making the frame of a sword, shield and helmet.
  • Paper for pattern (for products of complex configuration).
  • Pencil, ruler, eraser.
  • Scissors.
  • Pins and chalk for transferring the template to the fabric.
  • Threads with a needle.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Glue.
  • Decor (foil, metallized paper, ribbons, tape to decorate the sword, shield, helmet).

As you can see, making a New Year costume for a knightYou can use your own resources with available means. The choice of materials and method of manufacture should be based on what you already have available. You can, for example, carry out imitation of chain mail from mesh material. Consider the comfort of wearing the thing you are making. Some parts can be cut from a heater, the surface of which simulates a metal (foil) well, but it will be hard to wear the whole outfit. It will quickly become hot, especially in a place that is too warm.

knight costume for carnival

How to make a sword and shield

To make the knight's costume look like a carnivaleffectively and more realistically, it is worth choosing not only the appropriate combination of clothes, but also additional attributes. The easiest way is to make a shield and sword from a thick or several layers of thin cardboard. Also suitable foam, plastic.

The work is performed as follows:

  1. Cut out the stock from the thick cardboardcorresponding form. To make a pattern of several layers of thin cardboard, you must first glue the sheets together or make a paper stencil. All the details should be the same.
  2. Make the same blanks from foil or decorative metallized paper.
  3. Glue the elements.
  4. Decorate the sword handle with beautiful paper, cloth or other suitable material.
  5. Paste a sign of the knightly order on the surface of the shield, carved on a stencil or painted independently. You can come up with your family coat of arms.
  6. On the back of the shield, attach the elementwhich is convenient to hold the product, for example, glue a cardboard strip (a piece of dense fabric or any strap), fixing only along the narrow edges, leaving the middle free and sufficient to pass there the child's hand.

New Year's costume of a knight with his own hands

How to make a helmet

New Year's costume of a knight is inconceivable without a headcleaning. This thing is easy to make on the basis of an existing hat, pasting on the surface or sewing parts from foil, paper, fabric, imitating metallic luster, or other material. The visor that will cover the child's face needs to be made as comfortable as possible so that the child can be seen all around and he breathes freely. It is best to cut out pieces of cardboard. By the way, the whole helmet can be made of this material. A fabric variant with or without a frame is also possible.

New Year's Knight Costume

How to make the very costume of a knight fast and inexpensive

As already mentioned, it is easiest to make an outfit based on the child's existing things and a minimum of additional, but, of course, necessary and irreplaceable details. The sequence of work will be as follows:

  1. Decide on the look and color of the costume. It is better to draw an approximate sketch or have a ready picture or photo before your eyes.
  2. Pick up trousers and a turtlenue of suitable colors and a cap for a helmet, if necessary.
  3. Buy or choose from available stocks a rectangular cloth flap for tunic or cape. In fact, the tunic is a double (double-sided) cloak.
  4. For the cape, cut the arch of the neck. For the tunic, fold the rectangle in half along the shoulder line and in the center of the fold line, cut out the semicircle. In the unfolded state there will be a circle.
  5. If the selected material does not crumble strongly, make the figured bottom with scissors manually, by pattern or any stencil.
  6. Sweep or sew all the slices.
  7. For a cape embroider straps of satin ribbons,braids or from the same fabric. In order for the tunic to sit well on the child, and not fly apart, connect the lower corners of the hanging rectangles, sewn them with a needle and thread.
  8. To New Year's costume of the knight looked moreeffectively and naturally, attach a piece of contrast material in the form of a sign of any order to the cape or any of the sides (in front or back) of the tunic. Produce a shield, sword and helmet according to the technology described above.

So, you learned how to make a knight's costume yourhands quickly, at home, in fact from what everyone has. Even if you were informed about the upcoming performance or carnival show of your child just the day before the event, you can easily and quickly produce a beautiful outfit.

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