How to make a katana?

A katana is a long two-handed, slightly curved sword invented in Japan. In the article we will tell you how to make a katana with your own hands. In this case we will focus on this katana made of hardened steel, and not just paper and wooden crafts.

Tools and materials

The first stage in the manufacture of katana begins with the collection of the necessary materials and tools. We will need a hammer, an anvil, a foundry, a forge, and various polishing and grinding tools to finish the product. From materials you need to stock up on ferrous sand (it is advisable to find good black sand, if not from Japan itself, then at least decent quality), as well as charcoal, sandstone powder, clay, water and rice straw. If you have everything you need, you can start making katana.

Steel smelting

First we light the charcoal and immerse the black sand in the smelter. The melting point of sand should be at least 1500 degrees. We need to smelt about 4 kilograms of steel. Now we divide steel into high-carbon steel and low-carbon steel (gray-black).At the bottom of the hearth, we place large and small pieces of charcoal and ignite it, and then place high-carbon steel there. Next, grind the charcoal and place it evenly along the bottom of the hearth along with rice straw. After that, put on top of high-carbon steel (one layer) and poured it with charcoal on top. Swing the fur quickly until there is no pure steel in the furnace.

Forging and tempering products

Now we get steel and start forging flat sheets from pieces. Sheet thickness should not exceed 5 mm. We put pieces of high carbon steel on a steel blank with a handle, wrap it in paper and apply clay. Next, we put the steel in the hearth, fall asleep with charcoal and heat it until white (about 30-40 minutes). Then we do this: we get the resulting piece of steel, hit it with a hammer several times and then heat it again. You need to repeat this procedure at least 5 times. After that, we take low-carbon steel laid in advance, we forge a bar out of it, we fold and forge again - we do it about 10 times.

Finally, we proceed to the preparation of the blade. For this we split the bar and forge a rectangular plate.Now perpendicular to the length we stretch the plate, giving the blade the desired shape. We process the edges of the blade with a file to obtain the desired quality. It remains to make a pen for our katana. To do this, you can use a couple of bars, which you can then wrap with leather and cotton cord. That's all - our katana is ready.

Katana made of wood and paper

A few words about how to make katana from wood. There is nothing difficult. For a wooden katana we will need a wooden blank, which you just need to process with the appropriate tools: jigsaw, chisel, hammer and files. Saw the desired shape, then polish it. Of course, such work requires perseverance and patience, however, efforts to make a wooden katana will be required significantly less than for the manufacture of a combat katana. Before you cut the workpiece, it is desirable to mark it with special marking tools to get exactly the shape that you want. And finally, how to make a katana out of paper? Making a thick paper katana is quite simple: you need to mark its outlines and then just cut them.

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