How to make a jacket at home? French on nails - photo

French manicure is the most popular designnails, which has not lost relevance for almost 40 years. Its creator is the American Jeff Pink, the founder of the world-famous company for the production of professional materials and nail polish ORLY. Then Pink collaborated with Hollywood film companies and at the request of one of the filmmakers came up with a way how to quickly paint the nails of actresses in such a way that the color would fit under any outfit. The idea was received very well, but the main success to it came precisely in France. After the fashion show in Paris, where the mannequins also took advantage of this method of staining the nails, the name "French manicure" appeared. Thus, this method has received worldwide recognition.

how to make a jacket at home

What is a jacket?

The essence of the classic French manicurelies in the fact that the whole surface of the nail is covered with natural tones (gently pink, peach, beige, milky and other shades), and the free edge is painted white. The technology of design is very simple. Even at home it's easy to choose and master one of the simple ways to make a French coat on nails.

Variety of design

Nowadays the French manicure has so muchmodifications, that everything can not be enumerated. Any flight of the master's fantasy in beauty salons can express in a jacket. Young people prefer a decorative jacket, where the tip is painted in the brightest and even neon colors. Adding sparkles and mica, we get a design in the style of millenium. Turning the "smile" line, create a reverse jacket and its version - the moon manicure. The last squeak of fashion today is a rainbow jacket on nails. Photos of the most popular types of such a manicure can be seen in the article.

jacket on nails photo

It is not necessary to cover the tip with lacquer,you can create a jacket with the help of painting on the free edge, and also perform the technique of "casting" in gold or silver. The nail can be either long or short. The white strip is thick and thin at the very edge of the nail. You can generally make a free edge transparent, stained glass, with sparkles ...

how to make a jacket

A huge success is also enjoyed by the French pedicure. Here all the same ideas and techniques are used as on the hands. Thus, it turned out to be a wonderful tandem.

Wedding jacket

No bride can imagine herself inwhite wedding dress and without the French manicure. Brides always choose a classic French coat of pink and peach shades in combination with a bright white tip. Over the master's design create real masterpieces, decorating wedding marigolds with acrylic flowers, lace, rhinestones and pearls.

how to make a coat on the nails

French nail extensions

With the advent of nail extension technologypolymeric materials the French jacket took a strong place in them. As an independent procedure in the salons offer customers a French nail extension. New methods for correcting the free edge are being developed. With the help of artificial materials all kinds of nails are created in the French style. Also, masters are constantly upgrading their skills at seminars, where they are taught how to make a quality and perfect quality helmet. Master aerobatics is demonstrated at special competitions and festivals of the nail industry. If you buy all the necessary materials, and attend special courses, you will also be taught how to make a jacket with polymers at home.

Shellac and French

Not so long ago a new product appeared on the market -gel-varnish, a kind of hybrid of decorative varnish and gel. The first to release it was CND and named it Shellac. Due to its special properties, gel-lacquer allowed women to enjoy the freshness of the French manicure for a long time, since shellac to make a jacket is as simple as the usual decorative varnish. Within three weeks, it does not spoil or chip.

how to make a jacket gel

All this variety of techniques, design, capabilities only proves once again - there is no limit to perfection!

3 Easy Ways to Learn French Manicure

During the time of the French manicurewomen have always tried to come up with and improve ways of how to make a French jacket at home. Producers offered for home use special stencils - paper strips. You can use brushes and nail polish remover to create a free edge. You can also learn how to draw a line of "smile" by hand.

The easiest way is to take advantage ofstickers. It is enough to choose a suitable varnish and cover all the nails. Allow them to dry thoroughly. Then stick special paper strips on the surface of the lacquer. They help to quickly create an ideal line of "smile" without any experience or skill. The free edge of the strip is stained with white lacquer. This layer must also dry well. In the end, the strips are removed, and the finished nail is covered with a fixer.

how to make a jacket at home

Below is a technique that describes how to make a jacket at home. A flat brush and a nail polish remover are used here.

Instructions: how to make a jacket at home

1. Hands must be cleaned and manicured if necessary. You can use the technique of both classical manicure and European.

2. The nails are degreased well with alcohol.

3. A white lacquer is applied to the free edge. Observe the proportions and try to derive a "smile" line at this stage is not necessary.

4. Once the lacquer is applied to all 10 fingers, we start using the brush to form the "smile" line. The brush simply dips into the liquid to remove the varnish, the excess is wiped off the napkin, then the extra varnish is wiped off with a brush.

5. After the free edge is decorated, the surface of the nail is covered with a pastel shade. You can experiment with colors and choose the one you like.

6. The finished design is covered with a fixer to give shine.

Following this technique, any girl can learn how to make a jacket on her nails. A photo of what happens will be shown below.

French manicure

The third way is to draw a line of "smile" by hand. This method is rather complicated, since it requires the experience and skill of drawing.

Gel-lacquer also became available to everyone not only inbeauty salon, but also at home. The way that describes how to make a shellac, does not differ from the above. The only difference is the use of special equipment and materials. For home use, you can buy a small ultraviolet lamp and a set of gel-varnish for the French manicure.

Technology of creating a jacket shellac

1. Hands are treated with a disinfectant solution, you can make a manicure.

2. A soft file removes the gloss from the surface of the nail. The primer is applied to the surface of the nail.

3. Apply a base layer of shellac and dry in an ultraviolet lamp for one minute.

4. Apply a layer of colored shellac (transparent pink or peach), also dried in an ultraviolet lamp for 2 minutes.

5. Without removing the sticky layer, bright white shellac is applied to the free edge. Surplus wipes are wiped off with a brush dampened with a liquid to remove varnish. A line of "smile" is forming. This layer is also dried in an ultraviolet lamp for 2 minutes.

6. Apply a layer of top coat gel-varnish and dry for two minutes.

7. Finally, the adhesive layer is removed, the aromatic oil is rubbed into the cuticle.

The whole procedure takes no more than 30 minutes. As you can see, it's not difficult to learn how to make a French jacket at home. Only a great desire and enthusiasm is important.

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