How to make a group in contact?

The social network Vkontakte is able to please its users with a huge number of beautifully designed groups. Some groups look no worse than a full-fledged site. All this thanks to the competent design of avatars and the group menu. For experienced users, the design of the Vkontakte group is a simple task, but if you are a beginner, our article will help you.

How to make a group in contact

Creating a beautiful banner

The first thing that the user pays attention when viewing the Vkontakte group is an avatar and a menu. Below we will understand how to create two pictures in photoshop, correctly cut one of them and arrange a special code with external links.

Stage 1

Open the photoshop program and create a new document in it, which should have a size of 630x725 pixels. Then this document is filled with white. After that, cut two windows in the layer. Through these windows and will look through the graphic design of our group. First, select a rectangle of 200x710 pixels and press the Del button.Select the next rectangle with the size of 382x442, combine both rectangles along the bottom and press the Del button.

Stage 2

Under the created layer we have the graphic design of our group. It will be most convenient to write the required text in the picture with the main background in advance and create several menu items.

Stage 3

Now we save the right rectangle of 200x710 pixels as a separate image. We received a fully finished image for the design of our group. It should be uploaded to the block located in the upper right corner of the group; there you will find the button “Upload photo”.

What do we do with the left picture? The left picture is cut into several parts, depending on the number of menu items. For example, if we have 5 menu items, then in the end we get 5 pictures with a width of 382 pixels and a height of at least 50 pixels.

Stage 4

Received 5 pictures are loaded into the album of the group: My photos - My albums - Add photos. After that, go to the group page and select the special block “News”, which can be renamed to “Group menu”. Press the "edit" button.

Stage 5

Go to the tab "Source Code". The code located in the lower window should be copied and pasted into the “source code”.In the code, change the photo to the file name and specify the height of the file (382 pixels wide). Then insert the url links menu. The name for the file is taken from the album. An open picture has something like this All that comes after the photo is the name of the picture.

Stage 6

In order for the pictures to be perfectly combined, the group name must be in one line, the description in ten lines, and the url of the website in one line.

Wiki markup Vkontakte

How to create a group Vkontakte using wiki-markup

A large role in the formation of groups in the social network Vkontakte plays wiki-markup.

What is wiki markup?

Wiki markup is called the page editing system, an analogue of HTML. In addition to the social network Vkontakte, wiki markup is used to edit articles in Wikipedia. Wiki markup is much easier html and even a novice can easily figure it out.

Before you are ready to arrange your group Vkontakte, decide on the type of registration. The design may be textual or graphic.

How to arrange a group of Vkontakte menu design

Text menu with icons

The code for this menu will look like this:

photo-4499985_138645490 [| Questions to ADM]

The code begins and ends with tags.Each icon has the form photo-number_in album and description text.

Graphic menu

The code for this menu looks like this:

! [http: // | Navigation] !! [http: // | Navigation]!! [http: // | Navigation]

We superficially figured out what the wiki markup is and what it is for. If you want to learn about wiki markup for more information, visit the official group on the social network Vkontakte. In the group you will find video tutorials and can get answers to your questions.

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