How to make a gradient on the nails?

The gradient effect, or, as it is also called, ombre (from the French word ombré - "darkened"), means a smooth change of colors: from light to dark shade of one color or between two contrasting colors. The main thing is that there are no sharp boundaries between them.

This interesting effect has gained immense popularity over the past few years. In clothes, accessories, makeup and hair coloring, ombra is used more and more often. The gradient on the nails was a logical continuation of the trend. Are you afraid that it is very difficult to repeat such a manicure at home? There are several different ways to make a gradient on the nails, which will suit the skilled workers with different levels of professionalism.

First step

A beautiful manicure does not begin with a polish, but with the preparation of nails. Do not be lazy to steam the skin in the bath and cut off the excess, push back the cuticle, trim the nails. Do not use hand cream or any oils, otherwise the varnish will fall very bad. Leave this hand care item for later.

Do not ignore base coverages.After all, they not only align the nail plate, allow the lacquer to lie more evenly, but also protect it from stains after bright colors of lacquer.

How to make a gradient on the nails for beginners?

Afraid to even think about drawing an ombra yourself? In vain. There is one simple way - a gradient on nails with varnish with sparkles and clear varnish. The first, as a rule, has a loose coating, which we will use:

  1. First, cover the nails with clear varnish, wait until it dries.
  2. Then on half of the nail coat with glitter. Wait for it to dry well.
  3. Then re-apply glitter on the tip of the nail, so that they are located on it densely and densely.
  4. At the end, cover the dried manicure top. Fashionable ombre ready.

When you put your hand, you can experiment with darker colors as a base.nail gradient

Complicate the task

Now we will show how to make a gradient on the nails with varnish of two shades. It is quite simple and will help you master this technique.

You will need:

  • 2 varnishes of different colors;
  • fixing coating;
  • a piece of plastic, foil, or just a file for paper;
  • sponge - here is taken the usual bath;
  • toothpicks;
  • clean brush;
  • nail polish remover;
  • cotton buds.

Process step by step

  1. Apply a light varnish on the nail. Wait until it dries.
  2. On the file generously drip varnish of both colors, so that their borders touch slightly.
  3. Now we make the very same gradient strip. Take a toothpick and mix both colors: the further into each color you mix them, the longer the transition between them will be.
  4. When you have achieved the desired result, attach a sponge with a flat flat side to the varnish on the file.
  5. Then quickly and gently press it to the nail several times, as if powdering it. Repeat on the remaining fingers.
  6. You can re-apply the varnish with a sponge, but only after the previous layer dries. Otherwise, everything will be greased.
  7. We put a fixing coating. It may be necessary to repeat the procedure two or three times, because when the varnish is applied with a sponge, a rough surface is obtained.
  8. It is necessary to work with a top quickly so that he does not have time to lubricate the beautiful stripes. You can move the brush is not in the usual direction for the growth of the nail, and horizontally, from its edges.
  9. Now we eliminate minor flaws. We take a nail polish remover and remove the excess on the skin around the nail with a cotton swab, and it is better to remove excess paint around the cuticle with a thin brush.So get the perfect neat edges in a manicure.

nail gradient photo

No sponge

There is another interesting technique, how to make a two-color gradient on the nails. Photo tutorial, how to make such a manicure, clearly shows the process of work:

gradient gel on the nails

So get ready to act quickly:

  1. In a darker lacquer paint approximate shape at the base of the nail.
  2. After the first layer has dried with a light color, paint over the remaining area. The varnish has the property of slightly dissolving the previous layers, so quickly and gently mix different shades with a brush.
  3. When everything is dry, cover the nails with a base and remove excess varnish. As you can see, this manicure is quite simple.

Coral tale

Such a gradient on the nails has become almost classic - 3 shades in one color range, which alternate from the darkest at the tip of the nail to the lightest at its base. Make it just a little harder than the previous versions.

nail polish gradient

You will need the following arsenal of manicure products:

  • base coat;
  • white lacquer;
  • 3 varnishes in colors from light to dark;
  • fixing coating;
  • cuticle oil (desirable);
  • makeup sponge;
  • scissors;
  • petrolatum (desirable).

how to make a gradient on nails gel varnish

Tricolor Ombre DIY

Let's get to work:

  1. Apply a base coat and wait for it to dry.
  2. Do the same with white lacquer.
  3. Cut the makeup sponge to match the size of your nails.
  4. Lubricate the cuticle with petroleum jelly - so excess paint will be easier to remove. After all, when you work with a sponge, the skin around the nail will inevitably be smeared.
  5. Unscrew the cap on all three varnish bottles, but work carefully so as not to turn them over.
  6. Some skilled workers advise to wet sponge or sponge before use. Try to work with a dry and wet surface to decide how you prefer.
  7. Now on the sponge paint the strips with varnish, starting with light and ending with a dark color. Apply liquid generously to infiltrate the porous surface. This will have to be done quickly so that the varnish does not dry out.
  8. Now gently press the sponge to the nail to transfer color to it.
  9. Repeat on the remaining fingers. Important: after each nail update the layer of varnish on the sponge.
  10. When the manicure is dry, apply a protective coating so that your work is not in vain, and beautiful nails have long pleased you. Wipe off any excess varnish and apply cuticle oil if desired.

Unexpected turn

Of course, the traditional ombre is made within one nail. But why not break the stereotype and stretch the color to all fingers? It turns out an interesting gradient on the nails.

And to make such an effect is quite simple; you do not need to buy a half shop of decorative cosmetics at all.

You will need:

  • two varnishes: color and white;
  • a piece of foil;
  • tassel;
  • toothpick.

How is the "wrong" ombra made?

All ingenious is simple:

  1. Put 4 thick drops of colored lacquer on the foil. Next to them add a little white lacquer, gradually reducing its amount.
  2. Mix both colors thoroughly. You will get four shades of different saturation, for each finger of the hand. And for big use just undiluted color varnish.
  3. Clean the nails as usual with a clean brush.
  4. Remove excess varnish and work is done.

how to make a gradient on the nailsHow to make a gradient on the nail gel polish?

Regular manicure is convenient because it does not require significant investments. It allows you to change the design of the nails every day. But the modern pace of life does not always leave time for self-indulgence with drawings and patterns. Gel varnish has come to the rescue of the ever rushing fashionistas.Its indisputable convenience lies in the fact that the manicure is kept in immaculate condition for at least 2 weeks.

Gradient gel on the nails make no more difficult than ordinary varnish. The main thing is to follow the order of applying the layers and their drying.nail gradient gel polish

For a manicure you will need:

  • colored gel polishes (1-2), depending on how many color transitions you want to do.
  • primary color gel polish;
  • base and top (fixing) coating for gel polish;
  • nail polish remover (without acetone required), alcohol or alcohol-containing wipes;
  • a napkin that does not leave a nap;
  • a small sponge from the shadow applicator or a regular sponge and a piece of foil;
  • tweezers;
  • drying lamp - 36W UV or 12W LED.

how to make a gradient on nails varnish

Step by step

And now we will tell in detail how to make a gradient gel on the nails. The process can be divided into the following steps:

  1. After you prepare your nails, degrease them with alcohol or nail polish remover. Here you can use a napkin that does not leave a pile on the nails.
  2. Now apply the base and dry it for 10 seconds (no more!) Under the lamp. Here and below: the gel layers should be as thin as possible. So a manicure looks neater and less prone to chipping.
  3. Now you can apply the main color.This layer, like everyone else, should be dried for 2 minutes under an ultraviolet lamp or just a minute under the LED.
  4. It was the turn to create the gradient itself on the nails. This can be done in two ways.
  5. First: apply a small amount of varnish on the tip of the nail or stripes, if you have a three-color gradient. With a tweezers, take a sponge from the shadow applicator and blend the colors. If necessary, add a little more varnish. When the transitions are completed, dry.
  6. The second method is good for a two-color ombre: first paint a smile of the nail, dry it for a minute in the UV lamp or 30 seconds in the LED lamp. Then put gel polish on the foil and put it on the sponge. Apply on the nail until you achieve the desired result. Dry as usual.
  7. Now apply a topcoat, and grab the end of the tip of the nail to further secure the gel polish. So he will stay longer. Masters call this “sealing”. Dry this layer.
  8. To remove stickiness, wipe your nails with alcohol or alcohol-containing wipes.

Your fashionable and durable manicure is ready. Do not expose it to liquids containing acetone.It is advisable to work around the house with gloves to prevent scratches on the lacquer and to reduce its glossy shine.

Beautiful combinations

Now, when you are familiar with the technique of creating a gradient, admire several beautiful manicure options:

  • Glittering purple shades are a great option for a party.

how to make a gradient gel on the nails

  • Ombre in soft pink colors, bright polish and patterns create a luxurious manicure for special occasions.

nail gradient

  • Another variation in the colors of the sea:

how to make a gradient gel on the nails

  • But calm shades will give at least a beautiful gradient on the nails. The photo reminds a little French manicure - the same elegant femininity, but with a fashionable bias.

how to make a gradient on nails gel varnish

Interesting ideas

There are several ways to vary the gradient in the nails:

  • Can't draw at all? Patterns with a plate for stemping is an easy way to decorate any manicure with complex patterns.

nail gradient

  • The rule "special nail" works with ombre. There are several ways to highlight a ring finger: paint it in one shade, make a drawing with a brush or rhinestones, or you can simply flip the gradient.
  • It happens that the hand trembled, the varnish dried out badly, and so on. As a result, the color transition border turned out to be rather rough.This flaw can be masked with a glitter coating that covers all the roughness and adds an attractive shine to the nails.

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