How to make a flute?

Julia Chmykhalo
Julia Chmykhalo
January 25, 2013
How to make a flute?

The flute is not just a beautiful and melodic wind instrument, but in some cases, it is also an object of art that adorns any collection of musical instruments. You can make a flute with your own hands. To do this, you should read the detailed instructions on how to make a flute.

Required materials and accessories

To make it at home you will need:

  • open flame (eg gas torch)
  • steel rod with a diameter of 12 mm.
  • fine-grained pelt, tack or any coarse cloth
  • hacksaw hacksaw
  • pliers
  • marker
  • drill with a diameter of 6 mm.
  • old fishing pole
  • roulette
  • linseed oil.

Getting Started

At the beginning of the process, before making a flute from wood, it is necessary to cut a tube, 45-50 cm long, from a fishing pole. Then cut it so that one end of the tube remains closed by a partition between the sections. Now you need to measure the place at a distance of 25 mm for the first hole.Next, measure another 150 mm, and make another five marks with a difference in the distance of 25 mm. Then take a tack with a steel bar and heat it well on the fire. After that, you need to insert the rod into the open part of the workpiece and pierce it in such a way as to burn through all the barriers except the last. Now it is necessary to heat the drill on the fire and burn out three previously measured holes in the tube with them. In no case can not try to drill holes, because the tube, not withstanding the voltage, may burst. Then the sandpaper must be cleaned from the nutria tube residues of individual fibers and embers. At the end of the process of making a flute, it is worth covering it with a thin layer of linseed oil.

Making a paper flute

In order to introduce your child to art, you can make a toy flute out of paper. If you do not know how to make a flute out of paper, do not worry - it is very easy! It is necessary to take a thick cardboard, roll it up into a tube and make several holes using the sewing. In order for the cardboard to be more dense, it can be coated with several layers of PVA glue. And so that a toy flute would cause a greater interest in a baby, it is worth painting it with gouache or felt-tip pens in bright colors.

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